There's a few cards in DKA that have me seriously considering a "Green Deck Wins." I'll assess the deck by format, in Standard, Modern, and Limited. Today, standard. Tomorrow, Modern. Friday, Limited.

Strangleroot Geist will provide some hastey beaters, that can potentially generate marginal CA. Definitely a card to watch.

Predator Ooze is slow; but has a Phoenix-like inevitability. My worry is that it'll be jack **** in a Tempo-heavy format where Vapor Snag is tier 1.

The deck lacks a good 1 drop, save maybe Llanowar Elves, or Gladecover Scout. Past that, it gets better.

Daybreak Ranger. Just...Ranger. Splash a little Red, maybe?

Dungrove Elder is just as inevitable as the ooze. I'll admit, a 3/3 or 4/4 hexproof beater isn't much- but maybe with Viridian Emissary?

Garruk's Companion It has straightforward pros and cons.

Gatstaf Shepard. Too useless before it transforms, but a 3/3 intimidater is nothing to laugh at.

Skinshifter Either an ace in the hole, or too mana intensive. We'll see.

Thrun, The Last Troll this deck has quite a few great cards for the meta, don't it? The control hate stops at about Autumn's Veil.

Creeping Corrosion and Glissa's Scorn are cards to watch if artifacts become substantial.

Garruk Relentless Total ace in the whole, on the level of KOTH.

Green Sun's Zenith The potential for toolboxing is intruiging.

Lead The Stampede is an interesting source for fuel.

Mutagenic Growth Could be worthwhile.

Prey Upon No gut shot, or even L-Bolt, but still.

Overall: Wait for more spoilers. As it stands, it's a niche anti-control deck. Some good 1 drops and support spells could push it over the top though (and by that I mean, into notable Johnny territory).

Serious decks to watch: B/W Tokens, something I'll take a crack at as the spoilers roll in. So much CA!


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