Why Jiggernuts is my favorite member of MTGS

When you ask someone about their favorite MTGS member, almost all of them will be apathetic. The ones who have a favorite, will probably name off a cool mod, or a regular with 4,000+ posts. Me? Jiggernuts.

First off, his first post was in the "Club Flamingo," thread in Custom Card Creation. Who the hell looks at a thread that opens with a picture of William Shatner in a flamingo costume, and says, "Gee: I really need to be a part of this!"

Secondly, he's like a two legged puppy. He's hopelessly lost, and English isn't his first language (though his Korean is excellent, or so I'm told). It's almost comical how poorly he understands most of what's going on.

Third, he actually makes some decent cards. He won the most recent "Winner is Judge," game with:
Ancient School
1W, T: Put a 1/1 White Human Monk creature token with "T: add W to your mana pool." into play.

The challenge? Make something "Old School," based off of old mechanics, or older versions of mechanics. Jiggernuts, not speaking english very well, thought he was supposed to make a School, that was well aged. And he succeeded in both marks.


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