Mafia Statistics


Mod Mafia 4 - Town 1-Shot Bulletproof. Survived to end. Town win.

Mod Mafia 5 - Town Watcher. Nightkilled. Mafia Win.

Mod Mafia 7 - Town Jailer. Lynched. Mafia Win.

Famous Historical Figure Mafia - Mafia Goon. Vigilante Daykilled. Town Win.

GIANT ROBOT BATTLE ROYALE!!! Mafia - Replaced in to Town Vanilla, replaced out. Town Win.

Disney Villain Mafia - Town Doctor. Vigilante Nightkilled. Mafia Win.

TMNT Mafia - Mafia Goon. Lynched. Town Win.

MAXIMUM CARNAGE Mafia - Town FlavorCop. Nightkilled. Town win.

Futurama Mafia - Neutral 2-Shot Hitman. Lynched. Mafia win.

Star Wars Mafia - Town Doctor. Survived to end. Town win.

Return to Ravnica Mafia - Town Vanilla. Survived to end. Mafia win.

Archer Mafia - Mafia Thief. Lynched. Mafia win.



Mod Mafia 6 - Mafia win.

Marvel Madness Mafia I - Avengers: Battle for Earth - Town win.

Mod Mafia 9 - Town win.

Marvel Madness Mafia II - X-Men Legends - Mafia win.

Night Mafia - Town win.



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