Out of a Blue Clear Sky

"You swear you've had enough.
You're ready to give up
On that little lie they call love,
Then out of the blue clear sky

Fallin' right into your hands,
Like rain on the desert sand.
It's the last thing you had planned.
Out of the blue clear sky.

Here she comes, a walkin' talkin' true love.
Sayin' "I've been lookin' for you, love".
Surprise, your new love has arrived
Out of the blue clear sky."
-George Strait, "Blue Clear Sky"

This weekend, unlike the last eight or nine weekends, has been pretty good. Good luck comes in waves, right?

On Saturday, my last working day of the week, I finished the green folder. Yes, goddammit, the green folder of lesson records that's been plaguing me since... July? It's off my chest. Done. Completed. And holy cow, do I feel so much better. Also - my living room - cleaned. That was a couple of weekends ago. My kitchen? Cleaned. That was the weekend before my living room. Since my house only has two rooms... it's done? All that's left is the shower and the bathroom.

That's right. I fought depression - and I won.

This was the first weekend I've had in several months without a big, unfinished project looming over my head. My boss, on Saturday, had given me a ticket to a tea ceremony that was being held at a few local shrines around the area. I actually mustered up the gumption to go today - and so I went. Threw on the old ball cap, put on a nice sweater and pair of trousers, and went. And hey, I had a really nice time! I found the shrine, and fell in behind a group of other people. I was the only guy participating - which felt a little awkward, but nothing apart from being a foreigner anyway. Now, sitting on the cushion, on your legs, knees forward - that's a challenge. OUCH! I sat uncomfortably for what seemed like ages, although the tea ceremony was very short. My legs didn't want to let me stand up and go home at the end - they'd locked up and cramped from sitting like that for too long. I took lots of pictures, and you can have a look at them here. In fact, please do.

After the tea ceremony, I decided to have lunch at the Frisch's Big Boy restaurant that was in that part of the city. I go there quite often, and it was nearby, so I figured "why not". I sat down, ordered, got myself a glass of Coke. I noticed two chatty young ladies over in the booth across the corner. Imagine my surprise when, after a while, one of them came over and asked what languages I spoke (in English). I was happy to reply "English, and a little Japanese", and we struck up a nice conversation. Her name was Yuko, and it seemed she'd thought I was from western Europe at first, so she'd wanted to make sure I spoke English and not Russian or something. I assured her I was quite American, and we talked for a while about things. She had her friend take a picture with me, and then she asked for my cell e-mail address. Slightly skeptical, and half dumbfounded at my good fortune, I got out my phone (I remembered to bring my phone today?! It's true!) and she typed in her mail, and had me send a message to her phone so we'd have each other's contact info.

While we were talking, my food arrived, and a while after that Yuko went back and sat at her table while I ate. She and her friend left before I was finished, so I wished them well and told her to contact me if she wanted to hang out sometime. She made me promise to mail her at some later date, and I said I would.

And that's the story of how I got a complete stranger's cell-phone e-mail today. As a bonus, she mailed me the picture she took with her cell phone.

After I got home, I was in a good mood, so I decided to do some laundry. In the washer, after the first batch of laundry, I find the key to my house, which had been missing for three weeks.

Like I said, luck comes in waves, right?

Now, to finish this laundry, and type up some homework - with a smile, this time. Smile


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