[ORM] Brotherhood of Ormos (index)


Brotherhood of Ormos


(Last updated on 9/19: modified the map and removed the design assignment.)


What is Brotherhood of Ormos?

Brotherhood of Ormos is a Magic custom set based on the dystopian plane of Ormos and its oppressive pseudo-fascist government, called the Brotherhood. The block tells the story of the fall of the Brotherhood caused by a rebellion of Ormosian citizens against it.


What is its design goal?

A couple versions have been proposed. Here's mine:


We want to make players feel the oppression of the Brotherhood regime through gameplay and the player can feel either the oppressor or the rebel that struggles to break free of it, depending mainly on which colors he's playing.


and here's Flatline's:


We want people to experience what life is like when white aligned philosophies are taken too far, when justice and order become oppressive laws and a homogenized existence.



I think probably the two can be merged into one, but no one attempted such a thing yet. I might do though one day.


Design Team

Flatline (I'd say lead, but it probably feels better to him to just say he's the creator of the original idea)









We are finalizing the commons.






Flavor and story


Map and worldbuilding




Limited archetypes


Design skeleton / card list (public to view but only editable by members of the design team)