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Extinctia: Homo Evanuit


(Last updated on 9/9: deleted the limited archetypes pages. Updated map.)


What is Extinctia?

Extinctia: Homo Evanuit is a Magic custom set based on the plane of Extinctia. Check out my set announcement in the links below.


What is its design goal?

Finally, after a long time, we (actually Piar) came up with a design goal! So what experience do we want to create for the players? We want to:


"Capture the primal thinking/behavior of a nonsentient creature stuggling for survival as both predator and prey."


In other words, we want to "let the player feel like he/she is an Extinctian animal him/herself" (my own definition).


Where are we now?

(This section is meant for design team members only.)


Refining the uncommons in the EXT spreadsheet database.


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Set Announcement


Flavor, environments, map


Mechanics and subthemes


Sandbugs and creature types





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