Things to be sorry about

So I guess this entry is just a "venting" one to get things out of my head. These are all mistakes I could have avoided, not in the retrospective "daily errors to correct for being a better person" things that go by easily, but things that may torment me the whole week. The last one was the last thing that made me write this:

1) Letting it go by when the Mist Leopard that I Rise From the Grave'd from my opponent's 'yard was Unsummoned by my opponent... seriously, the whole PLAN was because it had shroud (and 3 power)... WHAT THE **** WAS I THINKING??? And it was with A. I liked playing against A.:p

2) From the packs my aforementioned opponent won for beating my at draft, I let him trade the foil Silence! Well, I still have the deck that would have otherwise be his.:rolleyes:

3) Not waking up when I saw "You win the game" on a card in my dream... it led to a nightmare of a bitter candy that caused vomiting... yeah, it was just a dream, but a distrubing one.

4) Lending my Liliana Vess... oh wait, I'll get it back tomorrow. Problem solved. Grin

Thanks for letting me write on you, blog. I feel much better now.

Yay! Therapy works! Jam


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