In Memoriam

A death in the family... His name was Diego Carrillo Rojas. A very loving uncle. A fighter. As a child, he survived Leukemia, and was the only one lucky enough, from a handful of sickly children, including those of national celebrities. He was a reporter, and a fine one. He worked for the nation's best newspaper. He faced hardships, as he always had a slim body, but a smile that took much to wear off. His wife divorced him upon the inability to conceive children (well, she was a spoiled person as well). I'm not God so I cannot judge him, but I think he led a good life. His articles were published for all the nation (and later the world) to read. His words were inspiring, and he always made his nephew (me) know how much he loved him. He was giving, and joyful. I can tell he enjoyed life, because despite his many warnings, he'd eat and do what he chose. He never hurt others. If he got into a fight, it was to rightfully defend a stance. He fought for his ideals. He enjoyed Luis Miguel's music. He sang with his all, he loved with his all... he lived with his all.

Last time I saw you, Diego, you cried in my arms. The long-lost nephew who was like a son to you (and your siblings) returned home. You were in pain... but you held me for a long time. I hope seeing me brought you joy. I love you and you will be missed. Keep inspiring me with your words of courage...

Que estés con Dios Todopoderoso, querido tío. Muchísimas gracias por todo. Que en paz descanses y que sigas propagando tu amor y felicidad para siempre. Mon amour et ma memoire pour toi. Toujours jamais, avec la paix de Dieu. Amen.


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