Why do we call them 'reports', again?

Woot! Last night I went to an FNM (which happens like each time a new pope is elected), and I did well. Smile The usual 2-2. It was fun! There were kewl people! And I got my first PtE and got to use it, and it was awesome! XD I'm getting my decklist for when Lorwynmoor rotates out. I just wish M10's mana fixing is easy enough to get, and that Zendikar brings a replacement for what we'll lose from Lorwymoor's rotation.

Oh well. I have nothing else to say (I know! Gasp!!!!1!:o), so just vote for JqlGirl! *cough cough*: http://forums.mtgsalvation.com/showthread.php?t=165541

CLT: Placebo, of course! (Protège-moi)


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