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I know many people have already translated the Intro Pack explanations from the French site, but I'll post my own translation here for quick reference [my own comments in green brackets] :

Hooks of the Bloodchief
The Hooks of the Bloodchief deck puts you in control of Zendikar's most cunning predators: Vampires. With their help, you will quickly empty your opponents' life totals. Many cards from the Worldwake expansion may make the Hooks of the Bloodchief deck better. For example the card Tarpit Vampires has the Multikicker ability which makes them grow with the amount of mana you pay when you cast it. Smother is an Instant that destroys threats from the start of the game without giving a chance for regeneration. And finally, Vampire Nocturnus, [I'm pretty sure this is the writer's opinion here. The Reserve List will die the day that card is included in this precon] from the Magic 2010 Core Set, gives +2/+1 and Flying to all your vampires as long as the top card of your library is black.


Brute Force
The Brute Force deck grants you the reins of the most titanic monsters of Zendikar. Use them to stomp your opponents! You can find weapons in the Worldwake expansion to improve your Brute Force deck. The Summit Apes card is a 5/2 creature that can't be blocked except by two or more creatures as long as you control a mountain, which will happen almost all the time. Hedge Elves's ability untaps your forests so you can quickly feed huge spells with Multikicker. But the most impressive spell is certainly Comet Storm, a Red Instant spell that deals as much damage as you want to as many things as you want. [a fixed Starstorm?] You're only limited by the amount of mana at your disposition!


With the Grapeshot deck, you'll crush the opposition under an sudden avalanche of creatures. Your opponent will be buried alive before even understanding what's going on! [aggro is overrated] Many of your creatures have the Landfall ability, which triggers every time a land enters the battlefield under your control. In the Worldwake expasion, you'll find Kazuul, Cliff Tyrant, a brutal ogre that punishes attacking opponents by giving you 3/3 Ogre creature tokens [red, I'm guessing] unless they pay 3 for each attacking creature. You'll also discovere Reprimand Angel, a 6/6 flying creature that exiles permanents each time a land enter the battlefield under your control. [HOLY SHI!:o There must be a catch...:raise:] These permanents return if Reprimand Angel leaves the battlefield, [oh...] but your opponent won't have enough time to do so before you reach victory!


Mysterious Kingdoms

With the Mysterious Kingdoms deck, you'll unleash fearsome creatures from the wide Zendikar wilderness on your cowering opponents. A good number of your creatures need space to run. Thanks to the Landfall ability, they gain bonuses each time a land enters the battlefield under your control [now, where have we seen this before?:rollout:] In the Worldwake expansion, you can find Explorer, [?:confused: Reminds me of Soul's Fire spoiled as "Soul" during Shards of Alara :rofl:] a sorcery that lets you draw a card and play an additional land, and thus to potentially trigger your creatures' landfall abilities twice on the same turn. [just twice?:sleeping: What lack of ambition:B:] You can also find Zendikar's Anvenger, an elemental that creates 0/1 Plant creature tokens when it enters the battlefield. Each land that enters the battlefield under your control after that will make the plants grow!


The Overflight deck puts you in command of a flying squadron. Counter your opponent's ground assaults and unleash a true reign of terror from the heavens. Your creatures with evasion will do all the dirty work for you. The Worldwake expansion contains other card that are compatible with the Overflight deck. [Ok, we get it] Wind Zendikon transforms a land into a flying creature to help your airborne army. Sejiri Merfolks is a blue creature that becomes stronger if you control a plains, which will happen almost always. Jace, Spirit Sculptor is a planeswalker with mind control abilities whom you can call to your side. It gnaws your opponents' libraries and finishes by exiling it completely to guarantee your victory.



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