This Sucks

f*** it. This sucks.

Before Prom, pictures, dinner. normal, fine.

Grand March, Fine, managed not to trip
Dance: fine aside from crappy rap music

Date: An Ex from early last year, pretty much was a standard as friends occasion up until the last song (slow dance) which ended with a kiss on the cheek, this had be wondering what was going on.

After Prom: Sleepover at the Ex's. everything seems 'just friends' still. somehow i get into a fight with her over her blanket, which i kidnap upstairs, she follows, and after kinda fighting, we end up kissing. neither of us say anything, then she grabs the blanket and goes back downstairs

generic sleepover = movie. Me and her cuddle on the couch. seems just like old be next to someone and feel close to them :embarrass:. people start throwing pillows, someone hits her with one, and she grabs it, and hides under it. then to put it simply, we kinda hid behind it and made out....

which would be a good situation all things considered, if not for the fallout that followed after that. From what she said, she wasn't thinking that she had to move in 3 months to a town 3 hours away and she doesn't want long distance, which means "we" die with that night ._.

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