Spring Break

alright Blog #6...:rolleyes:

Umm, Spring Break started WooHoo. (note blatant sarcasm). Unlike most of the average college students i know, that will be flying to mexico or somewhere, getting wasted and ☺☺☺☺ing each other, i'll be here slowly slipping from boredom into insanity. Slant

Still hesitant on making a Sig shop, mainly due to the amount of requests that come in looking at other shops. although i'm animations master for Kracked Graphics, I haven't got any work from there yet, mainly because people get sigs more than they get avatars. Maybe i'll get up the nerve to start one sometime.

I feel like a obsessive Psycho or something. For anyone who's been keeping up on these blogs, I still think of her. I dont' know if i really miss her anymore, or if it's just the last thing i remember to being loved. I don't mean the family thing. I mean someone who for who knows why likes and wants to be with you. Not friends. Like actually wants to know the real you. the one that has faults. the one that tells really bad puns and annoys the living crap out of most people. The real me.

Long Blog is Long


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