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Attention Troops! The barracks of SGT Chubbz is now open for soldier training! Troops Fall In! Cool

SGT's Barracks is a great to place to kick back, talk smack, and just chill out. i'll also store random stuff here and probably post some Photoshopped stuff later. also this first post will get spruced up later with pics/better beginning description. Also first. Rolleyes

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Metathread? So you're saying my thread will evolve into a Butterthread? After using Harden and casting string shot on AI?

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SGT Chubbz...You got me bud!!!

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I thought that link in Chubbz's sig would take me here. I just had to find out for myself :facepalm:.

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Ah, I see. I actually didn't click on it at all - usually I hover over links to see where they go, but this one has a tinyurl, and I actually feared the "never get out" part of it, and thus I never clicked it until now, just to find out.

this is a lame ass excuse for what my extendo was. this is bull☺☺☺☺. there i'm not evading the censor. like the extendos really hurt anyone. comapred to the overall size of the site, i doubt they really mattered. Slant ☺☺☺☺ this.


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