I hate Minnesota

ok, first on the way to school this morning going 40 on a highway, traffic slows way the f**** down, and as i try to slow down we (me and my bro) start to swerve. Thankfully we know how to counteract swerves (turn into the spin and turn to where you want to go, don't hit the brake or the gas) and managed to get out of it. I nearly **** myself. it would have been horrible. and with my parents they probably would have never let me drive in anything other than sunny weather again.

Reasons why minnesota sucks:
1.) snow. Snow. SNOW.
2.) no good bands ever come here.
3.) no good jos here either.
4.) nearly everyone is redneck/mildly stupid.
5.) SNOW!
6.) no MTG events are here either.
7.) everyone is a bad winter driver, and winter consists of 10/6 of the year.

I am so ANGRY Minnesota!


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