mainly doing this as a break from the mind shattering eternity of outdated information that is the Cisco networking academy.

but anyway, on to the blogging!

ok, to start off i'm SGT Chubbz and apperantly your bored enough to read a blog. splendid. cuz i'm bored enough to write a blog. anway, i've got 5 finals all within the span of 4 days (tuesday to thursday of next week) and that sucks. to fill you in i'm a NA (network administration) major, and i'm a computer nerd. Rolleyes so yeah, mess with me and i'll hack you (and yes i know how, they taught me, because to prevent hacking you must know how :D).

other random stuff about me, 18, black hair, brown eyes, single >.>, i make puns, play magic, make programs on my TI-83 (yes the calculator), and game. i <3 halo 3 :rolleyes:.


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