So I've got this blog here...

I figured it'd be nice to have a place where I can put all my tournament reports and whatnot and actually have it make sense. I would say I misused my old livejournal to some degree.

Anyways, the topic of this blog will be almost exclusively magic for the time being, so let me catch up any potential readers on what has happened since then.

Shock for anything you wanna look up.

Summer 2006: Limited PTQs are really hard to remember unless something extra special happened at them, or the deck was just ridiculous. Anyways, I went to quite a few, with the highlight being a trip down to Baltimore where my buddy Andy made top 8. Ravnica block sealed PTQ decks were a mess, so I've got no interesting lists to share.

I guess I'll mention the "lowlight" too. My friend Phil was tearing up a PTQ up until round 7 or so. He had the game (2 and what would be the match) in hand, when somehow his opponent was able to prove that he "cheated" and played an extra land. The judges were really at a loss of how to resolve the issue (Nowadays, it's a very simple you both suck, warnings and move on.) and my friend just took the game loss. The whole ordeal put him on tilt and manascrew was for the loss game 3.

Fall 2006: I pulled off a top 8 at a Limited PTQ, and eventually lost in the finals. all you need to know about my sealed and draft decks was that each had 2 Sulfurous Blasts. Too bad I didn't know how good Tromp the Domains was.

I also managed a 6-2 at champs and somehow didn't get top 16 prize.

GP NJ was a mess, and I somehow went 2-4 drop with a deck featuring 2 each of Teferi, Firemaw Kavu, and Clockwork Hydra.

Winter 2007: Played Tron for the extended season, too bad I never took the time to test and optimize my list.

Spring 2007: 2HG sucks. I made day 2 of GP Mass with my buddy Andy thanks to us getting lots of good storm cards, solid counters, and a Body Double in our pool. We then of course got owned in the draft portion due to zero practice.

Summer 2007: After a few failed attempts at playing Gifts, I went to nationals and proceeded to lose in grinders to topdecked Damnations and Mana Screw. Still love my RG Aggro. I played my own homebrew deck in the last PTQ of the season, but then made a few mistakes that go beyond how well one plays the game. Maybe more detail will appear in a future rant.

Fall 2007:I love opening double Profane Command then getting owned by Planeswalkers while all my pitiful creatures got removed. My friend Andy qualified for Kuala Lumpur, and my limited rating DIED.

Winter 2008: which brings us to now. Played in a couple of Extended PTQs, all with Affinity, and managed to miss prize by one match every time. Also got paired against two too many combo decks at GP Philly.

I'll update with tournament reports in the future. The first on will be the City Champs store finals this sunday.


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