The flaws in the plan...


Nice to finally see some action on this stuff. The one thing that pisses me off about the reform bill is that they had to promise that none of this money would pay for abortions. Say it with me now (you should know what's coming by now): ********!!! I know that the article glosses over this fact, so there's no way to know if: A) this means no money would go to abortion at all, ever; or B) this means that simply getting an abortion because of a failure to use protection or other mistake leading to a pregnancy would be prohibited, but using the money in order to save the life of the mother would be all right. For the sake of comedy, and my own sense of outrage, I'll go with choice A there. Because we all know that that's exactly what the pro-life *******s are shooting for. I want each and every pro-lifer out there to have to personally go through this catch-22: either the mother alone lives, or both die. Because there's still situations where a choice like this arises, but "HOLD EVERYTHING!" they say, it's against God's plan to kill a living thing. There was even a piece in the local free newspaper yesterday about the pro-lifers lifting their ballot strategy straight from the creationist/ID morons: they're moving forward with bills that would pretty much ban abortions outright by saying that a person's life starts at fertilization/"biological development". I'm not ******** you, that's the wording they're using. And it'll probably work, too, since the average American voter has cheese curds for brains. Of course, there's some idiotic statements on my side of the debate also. In the same article, the spokesperson for the local Planned Parenthood said, "the crushing defeat of Colorado's initiative last year by a 3-to-1 margin coupled with the fact that they're coming back, it begs the question: do they have the Colorado voters' best interests at heart, or is there a national agenda going on?" Gee, I don't know!? Do the pro-lifers have a national agenda? They're trying to get this bucket of ******** on the ballots of all 50 states (which would in theory make it a federal law in all but name). ****ING OF COURSE THEY HAVE A NATIONAL AGENDA! Why the **** does it bother you that a woman might need an abortion. How's about this for a solution: If we outlaw abortion, we FORCE these *******s to care for each and every one of the kids that THEY force life onto. You want to force mothers to have these kids? Then YOU care for 'em! Either that or we just institute a stupidity tax and an evil tax, and the money from these taxes all goes to the new mothers. But then that doesn't solve the issue of the new mothers maybe wanting to go to college, get a great job, and have a life that would allow them to care for a kid in about 10 years. So I'm more partial to forcing the unwanted kids on the pro-lifers. I guarantee you, after the 6th kid they're forced to raise, they'll be running SCREAMING for abortions again. And we should ALWAYS value the life of the mother over the little parasite growing within her. If the mother is in danger of dying if she continues with the pregnancy, instant abortion. Right there. **** you pro-lifers and your holier-than-thou attitude. You don't really care about these women who might need abortion. It's like the old saying goes: they care about you right before you're born and right before you die, but they tell you you can go get ****ed during all the years in between.

I also just caught this little gem from Michelle Bachmann: ""Generations unborn are crying out to us tonight to preserve their freedoms,". No, no they're not. They're not "crying out" for ANYTHING! Because they CAN'T ****ING TALK! And what about the freedoms of the mothers, huh you ****ing ****bag!? That's it! The first 20 unwanted children born all go to Bachmann. And before I forget, nannies and other help? OUTLAWED! Make these ****nuggets raise the kids THEMSELVES!

To end this rant, I'm gonna have to defer to the brilliant wisdom of the late, great, Bill Hicks.


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