New Year, Old Hatreds

Wow, is it 2009 years after some mystical ****tard was born already? How time flies. I'm not gonna get into that here though. I've already said more than enough to cover that topic several times over. No, this time I'm talking about fat people. Take a gander at this as an example. Fat people ****ing suck. Like in that example, the lady getting correctly labeled as "obese" by Wii Fit gets all sad and returns the damn thing. There are two things that immediately come to mind about that: Why the **** did she get Wii Fit in the first place? And what did she think it was gonna call her weight category? Slightly larger than a blimp? Or was she expecting the "game" to lie and tell her that she's healthy? Or maybe she really thought that she wasn't obese but undertall. That's another thing that pisses me off about fat people. They get so hurt and whiny about being fat so they have to soften the blow as much as possible. It's not "fatass" it's "obese". And they have to blame some sort of phantom glandular condition on their weight. Let me tell you something you fat ****: the chances of you actually being fat from a glandular condition are about the same as W being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Just put down the ****ing Cheetos and recognize that you're the reason you're fatter than a 747. And no more of this cheap way out **** like liposuction or gastric bypass surgery. The next person who goes in for an operation like that should "accidentally" have a bowling ball shoved into their bodies. It's a cop out, that's all it is. Instead of a bag of Oreos, snack on an apple or something like that. Or actually USE that Wii Fit thingie. Speaking of which, if I had it my way, there would be none of this "obese" ****. Instead I would change the weight "classes" to the following:
Stick Figure
"Hey, you happy with your own ZIP code?"

That's it. And don't even try to mention anaorexia and that type of ********. It doesn't exist, just like fat glandular conditions. But that's a topic for another day. Fatasses.


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