Most massive FAIL in programming history

Lineup for Leno's first few weeks back on The Tonight Show revealed

Holy mother of ☺☺☺☺ing hell. The Tonight Show is officially dead. Seriously, look at that list. There is NOT A SINGLE RESPECTED CELEBRITY ON THAT LIST! NOT ONE! Seriously, let's examine that list:

March 1: Jamie Foxx and Lindsay Vonn.
March 2: Sarah Palin and Shaun White
March 3: Chelsea Handler, Apolo Anton Ohno
March 4: Matthew McConaughey and Jason Reitman
March 5: Morgan Freeman and Meredith Viera

Weaksauce. Looks like the fun people in Hollywood finally got the memo that Leno is a complete and total asshat and will be avoided like the plague. I can't wait until September. CoCo WILL have a show by then!

Just gonna leave this here.


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