11-20-2009 FNM Report

11-20-2009 FNM REPORT

I played: BR Sweet Dreams.
Attendance: 25
Prize Distribution: 8-6-3-3-1-1-1-1

Tonight was fun, and this is an awesome deck.


I really shouldn't have won this match. He had to mulligan to oblivion, and I got set up right away. In game 1 I got him to 12 with early damage, then pointed two Sign in Bloods at him while I had two Underworld Dreams and an active Quest for Pure Flame in play. Game 2 I was able to fight through a Dragon's Claw by double-saccing Quest to enable a Runeflare Trap to deal 40 points of damage.

Win 2-0
Matches: 1-0

MATCH 2: Crypt of Agadeem Combo

It looks like a fun deck to play, but all the cycling turned my Runeflare Traps on even with only one Howling Mine. This was pretty much a bye.

Win 2-0
Matches: 2-0

MATCH 3: Mono-White Soldiers

Another fairly easy matchup made easier by the fact that he had zero clue what was going on. Game 1 was easy, but after that a few Celestial Purges came in. Game 2 I made the mistake of waiting too long on a Pyroclasm, and it almost cost me the match. I was able to go off with multiple Runeflare Traps thanks to a single point of life from Akoum Refuge.

Win 2-0
Matches: 3-0

MATCH 4: Jund

Finally, a true test. I was Blightninged three times in game 1 but still managed to win thanks to the incredible drawing power of Howling Mine and friends. It was a close game; I had to spend three minutes or so making calculations before casting Sign in Blood on him then Runeflare Trap for exactly lethal, hoping he didn't topdeck burn. Game 2 was a mess; I Duressed him on turn 3 hoping to get a Pulse. Seeing no Pulse I laid a Howling Mine. The lucky #&%$ topdecked one. A couple turns later I whiffed on Duress again. Game 3 I went through three of my Sign in Bloods digging for any sort of draw engine. If I found as much as a Howling Mine, he was good as dead with all the Runeflare Traps I had been stockpiling. But nope. He drew all four of his Bloodbraid Elves.

Lose 1-2
Matches: 3-1

MATCH 5: GW Aggro

Dauntless Escort and friends. This was a really easy game 1, everything went exactly as planned. Then he brings in a nasty surprise from his sideboard--Qasali Pridemage, a card I've seen in no one's sideboard post rotation. It hits an Underworld Dreams but I quickly replace it and draw through more of my deck, finding all kinds of removal for Baneslayer and nasty things.

Win 2-0
Matches: 4-1

I probably only did so well because of the rogue factor. The Jund player had seen variants of the deck before, so it made it hard to play against. There were no undefeated's and I had great breakers.

So I won two draft sets of Zendikar.

Pack 1: Eldrazi Monument (!), Harrow
Pack 2: Archive Trap, Vampire Lacerator
Pack 3: Conqueror's Pledge, Kazandu Refuge
Pack 4: Misty Rainforest (!), foil Plains
Pack 5: Sadistic Sacrament, Goblin Bushwhacker, Kazandu Refuge
Pack 6: Rite of Replication, Gatekeeper of Malakir, foil Blazing Torch


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