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Role PMs

Quote from Shalako »
Miss Marple-Mafia Goon

It's seems that everywhere you go there is another murder. It's quite unfortunate how you can't just seem to pass up those thrilling chances to feel that rush. Framing all those people was just an extra boon to shove in the faces of the people who thought of you as just an old chatty lady.

You may communicate at night/pregame with your group and the mafia may have one player kill another player at night.

You win when the mafia are equal to half the total number of players.

Quote from AsianInvasion »
You would be amused if you weren't so angry. The Spartans think they can defeat your vast army? Your worshippers number in the hundreds of thousands. They stand no chance. But you are a generous god, and you would gladly accept the surrender of the Spartans, for they would make invaluable pawns with which to conquer the rest of Greece, and perhaps the rest of the free world besides. Even if they try to assassinate you, your personal bodyguards will surely protect you. But for now, your primary concerns are the naked prostitutes writhing sinuously before you. It's good to be God-King.

You are God-King Xerxes (Town One-Shot Bulletproof). The first time you would be killed, that kill is prevented instead.


Quote from KittyCupCake »
Aries (Vanilla Town)

Your Horoscope: Your appetite for adventure will be more than fulfilled as you soon face new and interesting challenges. Your passionate energy will drive you to new heights ensuring you make a real impact.

Win Condition: You win when all members of the Mafia are Eliminated.

Abilities: None.

Quote from Yanni »
You are Jules Winnfield, town 2 Shot Vigilante
Once per night, you may choose another player. You will kill that player. This ability may be used twice, but only once per night.
Jules Winnfield was Marcellus Wallace’s personal assassin. You always were willing to kill for Mr. Wallace, even in the most dire situations.
You win when all the mafia are dead.
Please one post confirm in the game thread when it is open.

If you have any role questions, pleas ask me via pm.

Quote from Jobie »

You are the Ideal Gas Constant, Mafia Godfather You hate all things random, but have so many different values with all of the different combination of units, so you may as well be random.

You are mafia with Atlseal. You are free to PM between each other or set up a quicktopic. Just be sure to include me in PMs or the quicktopic.

Each night, the mafia may submit a kill. Please submit to me who is committing the kill and whom they are killing.

Abilities: Since you’re “seemingly random” you are able to “blend in”. If you are investigated, you will appear to be town.

Win Condition: You win when the mafia can control the lynch and equals the number of living townies

Please /confirm via PM.

Quote from ganderin_dan »
Oscar - Vanilla Town

Why do you still work here?

You might be the only person in Dunder Mifflin that has an idea of what’s going on in the world. Michael certainly doesn’t (even with Wikipedia up his sleeves… that was embarrassing), and none of your coworkers are much better.

Actually, come to think of it, how would accounting run without you? Honestly, Kevin? Angela? Nothing would get accomplished!

You’re surrounded by incompetence and ignorance, but Scranton and the Office have been ok to you. Welcomed when coming out of the closet, for example (despite Michael’s harassment), and the bars aren’t as bad as you would think.

You owe it to the Office to try and find these conspirators, but using your accounting skills won’t do you much. Demonstrating your logic will show that you have the Office’s best interest at heart, considering all you have is your vote.

Please confirm by responding to this PM.

Quote from pinkfloyd »
Quote from Prophylaxis »
I am available to replace for Sir Mu.

You are Winston- Town Gunsmith

You are a member of the Outer Party and work at The Ministry of Truth, where your job is to rewrite historical documents to match up with what the party has said. Every day you question if being a part of the party and listening to Big Brother is really worth it and you are even cheating on your wife and committing acts of love crime by sleeping with Julia. The Brotherhood seems like the right choice to help bring the party down and give REAL freedom to the people of Oceania. But all you do everyday is write these things down in a diary, committing thoughtcrimes.

Ability: You are paranoid and want to know who can be trusted within the party to help bring it down. At night you may target someone to find out if they have a gun that they could use to kill someone committing crimes. You will get a result of “Gun” or “No gun”.

You win when all threats to the Brotherhood are silenced.

Quote from Zajnet »

You are Zeratul, Protoss Dark Templar, a member of the Town.

You are permanently cloaked. This means that most abilities (including kills) will not resolve against you.

You win when there are no threats to the town alive.

Quote from pinkys_brain »
Jay Pritchett - Cop

Flavor: Being the head patriarch of the whole family, makes you the person who knows everyone, you just can't remember in your old age who was the family members you can trust or not.

Abilities: During the night you may PM, me the name of a player. You will be told if the player is guilty or innocent.

Win Condition: You win when all mafia members are evicted from the household
Quote from Flew »
Prophylaxis, you are Winston Milton, alias Rich Uncle Pennybags, alias Mr.Monopoly, you're so rich that everything you do now is buying all the streets of the biggest cities of the world and earning even more money theanks to them. However, you should try your best to avoid the Jail.

From Monopoly.

You are Mostly Vanilla Town, you don't have any ability. However, everytime you go to the place "Jail", don't pass "GO", don't earn $200 . And you will be protected from any night action that may target you the following night.

Quote from Seppel »

You got it. dot dot dot

Prophylaxis/LenKenneth - TOWN

Rolename: Fay Mina

Species: Fox

Affiliation: Lyscilla's Harem

Flavor: As one of Lyscilla's slaves, along with Jan Sadi (Lapine), Lai Vara (Feline), Soll Vosin (Feline), and Tir Konai (Squirrel), you faithfully serve Lyscilla. However, you have no knowledge of her plans and have never conspired with her.

Ability: [Vanilla] You have no abilities.

Game Thread:

Please reply to confirm that you have read this PM.

Quote from red_0mega »
You are the Hanged Rustler; Mafia Roleblocker.
Long before Small Hill existed, Cottonwood Creek was a haven for cattle rustlers. Until the Texas Rangers made an example out several men, hanging them high in the cottonwood trees. One of those men returned as a deranged Wraith. Though dormant in recent years, spectral activity in the area has awoken him from his tree, and he craves screams in the night.

You are mafia, along with your partners ljossberir, and Jiggernuts. The three of you may discuss the game during the Night phase and submit to me the name of a player that you would like to kill that Night.

In addition to the mafia kill, you may also submit to me the name of a player and any actions they take that Night will be blocked.

You win when the mafia outnumbers the town.

Quote from Charm_Master3125 »
here's your role PM. Good luck, and have fun out there...
Capt. Takamachi Nanoha – Neutral Ace – Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Force
The Ace of Aces. The White Devil. A crimson-haired Reaper. These are all nicknames you’ve gathered over your illustrious 16-year career. To most, your disarming smile and flowing barrier jacket are synonymous with your penchant for leveling entire city blocks with a simple spell. Sadly this isn’t a quick vacation, but you only have a handful of rogue mages to deal with this time. You figure you can wrap this up with one hand tied behind your back. (as long as it’s your right hand, you need your left to carry your staff after all)

Divine Buster: Each day, you may submit to me one player’s name. Barring intervention, you’ll send them on a one-way trip to the hospital wing. You really don’t need to worry about collateral damage, so have fun.
Starlight Breaker: Once during the game, you may bypass your kill for the day and channel magical energy. The next day, you will loose that power on the town, firing at four players of your choice. Since this is your signature spell, you will be able to bypass any protective shielding that anyone happens to be hiding behind.

Your Win Condition is: Arrest or eliminate the four wanted mages by the end of the game. Of course, because you are the ace of aces, you’ve put an additional challenge on yourself: You must be responsible for at least two of the four kills, either by supporting their lynch or offing them yourself.

The Wanted Mages are: Shana, Lain Iwakura, Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon, and Elspeth Tirel.

Quote from CrustaceanCrusader »

"Master of Vivid Plant Pokemon"
Alignment: SCUM


Roserade Lv.65
HP [||||||||||||||||||||||]
The Bouquet Pokemon

Toxic (PP 1/1)
A move that leaves the target badly poisoned. It will faint during the next night. This can't be prevented.

Quote from KittyCupCake »
Lachesis, Town Allotter

You are Lachesis, middle child of the three sister Goddesses and divine leader of the Church of Knowledge. Normally, your powers include measuring life and apportioning destiny. However, the dark essence of Erebos has begun to blanket Deitriptychos, making your direct intervention difficult. You can, however, still bring out these types of powers in mortals who pray to you.

Post Restriction - Dark Essence
You may not post in the game thread.

Ability - Granting Prayers
During twilight, for every two players who prayed to you during the day, you may select one of those players to gain use of their ability for that night.

Win Condition
You win if the Town successfully recovers the three Eyes by killing the scum holding them.

Quote from creampuffeater »
Welcome to Vanilla Mafia 2!

You are a townie (WHAT A SURPRISE), as such you have no additional powers. You win when both the mafia are dead.

Please confirm via PM.
Ellemenno P,
You are Dr. Dinwiddie, AKA “The Bursar,” D.M.(7th), D.Thau., B.Occ., M.Coll., B.F., Mafia Jailer. You are described by many as an idiot savant, and indeed, your insanity is so famous in Ankh-Morpork that a common colloquialism for going insane is “going bursar.” In particular, your belief that you could fly was of concern to many of the faculty at UU. Of course, now you take dried frog pills, which help you hallucinate that you are sane, make you difficult to agitate, and of course, allow you to actually fly around. When Rincewind asked you to help him off the Archchancellor, you quickly agreed, as it seemed a bit of a lark, and you really didn’t understand the consequences. Once per night, you may babble incoherently. (Not in the thread, of course.) This will have no effect, because no one listens to the Bursar anyway, and no one pays attention to where he goes or what he does. You may, however, communicate with your cronies, Rhand and Iso, through the scum quicktopic here. Once per night, you may PM me the name of a player to whom you wish to slip a dried frog pill. The player will be untargetable that night, since you can never predict the movements of someone on dried frog pills, but they will also be unable to act that night.

Quote from Megiddo »
You are Kanbei, Mafia Emperor (Advance Wars)

You gain 1 point at the end of the Day if you have been voted by three different people that Day.

Any item you purchase has (in addition to any other abilities it might have):
Overwhelming Forces: Kill target player. This ability can't be used in the same Night as your partner's Stone Spire. Then, your item breaks.

At Night, you may speak with your partner in this quicktopic:

Please confirm via PM

Quote from KoolKoal »
You are Spinda, Untargetable Fighter.
You have constantly been the target of bullies at the dojo, your squishy exterior even more a target than the other less-liked pokemon in group. But you are quite used to escaping trouble as well, usually by spinning too rapidly to be hit. Unfortunately, that tactic is pretty tiring.
During the day, you may vote.
During the night, you may pm the mod to become untargetable until the beginning of the next day. You may only use this ability once.

You are Charlie MacDuff, The Big Cheese
You are a Democrat

1. You may vote.
2. You may perform the mafia night kill.
3. You may communicate with your buddies at Night in this quicktopic: [REDACTED]
4. You are the leader of the mafia. If there are any disagreements, you have the final word.

If your party is in power:
5. You may choose a player. If the President takes an action Tonight, you will redirect that action to the player you chose. You won't learn anything (you won't even know if your ability was successful). Actions with no targets are unaffected.

If your Party is not in Power:
6. Your fingers reach far and wide, but you yourself are untouchable. When the opposition takes control, you can tighten the strings and make yourself immune to all nonlethal Night actions Tonight.
You are a Pink Platypus.

Yep. Imagine that.

Pink Platypus.

You try to help the town and such, but I mean, c'mon.

Pink Platypus.

At least you look fabulous.

You are Vanilla Town

You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.


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