Nixilis Wave [T2 - G/B]

I saw another thread like this, but his is kind of ugly and the deck has white for some reason. I know that I added the x, but I think that the most efficient way to run this deck is pure G/B. No need to splash.

Here is a link to the list that was 3rd - 4th at Washington States:

Now here is the list that I came up with that I think is better, but might not be.

I like it a lot. I decided that I wanted to make it (with my own tweaks of course because that's how I roll.)

First off, the centrepieces of the deck:

I'm not going to lie. I'm extremely surprised that this creature has not seen more play since it came out. Being one of the harder colours to remove (if only because of its immunity to black removal), and as long as you play him smart his ability to be out of bolt range...I just don't see why you wouldn't want a potential 9/9 the turn he hits the field (while dealing 6 damage to the opponent.) Genesis Wave complements him perfectly. It's great in a deck like this, especially since you can generate a ridiculous amount of mana if left unchecked. If you ramp into 3 Ob Nixilis and 3 Land it's game. Or 1 Ob Nixilis and 5 land, two of which are fetches, etc. It's a definite wincon.

Anyway, he can't win on his own, so he does need support and other ways of finishing incase he does get removed (or you just don't draw him.)

Those are the potential back-up (or even main!) finishers. Primeval is a 6/6 trampler that actually works really well with both Avenger of Zendikar and Ob Nixilis thanks to his land fetching, and Avenger of Zendikar just works well in a landfall deck for obvious reasons.

So on top of all that, we needed some ramping to really get the most out of this deck:

All them together make it pretty easy to ramp up, and support the major beaters in the deck. Now it's time to throw the whole list together.

Tournament/FNM Results:

1) FNM: 3 - 1 (6 - 3), 6th place.
Round 1: Nixilis Wave vs. Turbowave

Game 1 - Was pretty quick. I hit a good curve with Birds and Lotus Cobra in my hand, ended up Waving for 8 on turn 4 landing 3 fetches and an Obs. GG

Game 2 - Another quick one, started with Lotus Cobra, Cultivate, Nix and Primeval in my hand. He really couldn't get anything going before I had 'em both on the field and the game was over before by turn 5.

(Note that I found myself siding out Khalni Heart Expedition all the time...I just don't think it's good enough in the deck. Maybe Momentous Fall could work in our favor as a 2 of in that slot?)

1 - 0 (2 - 0)

Round 2: Nixilis Wave vs. ElfWave

Game 1 - The first of two frustrating matches. I draw tons of ramp, and a Genesis Wave. Hit a genesis wave for 8 on turn 4 expecting the game to be over, but all I hit is Lotus Cobras, Birds and spells. He ends up hitting his own wave a couple turns later while I still draw nothing. Pretty frustrating.

Game 2 - All I draw is land. Literally my only other draws are Lotus Cobra and Sadistic Sacrament. He pulls off his wave, and has Argentum Armour in the deck (oddly enough.) Sucks.

1 - 1 (2 - 2)

Round 3: Nixilis Wave vs. WW

Game 1 - I hit a nice curve, Birds, Lotus, Khalni Heart Expedition x 2, by turn 4 I wave for 6 hitting Grave and Primeval -- he scoops.

Game 2 - I take out Khalni and 1 Oracle for 3 Sadistic Sacrament, and I hit a nice curve again with Nix out on turn 3, Primeval on turn 4, and even though I could have killed him first I cast Sacrament for 10 because it's awesome and exile all his threats before finishing him off.

2 - 1 (4 - 2)

Round 3 - Nixilis Wave vs. Artifact Aggro

Game 1 - He hits a nice curve and a Semblance Anvil popping out a bunch of Myrs and threats early. Unfortunately for him he has no removal and my birds + cobra **** all over his board with a Genesis wave into Ob, 3 land and a Khalni Heart. GG.

Game 2 - I get stuck on 2 lands for 4 turns while he powers out Triskelion, a bunch of Myr and Wurmcoil Engine. I probably should have shuffled better after getting all that land out the first match.

Game 3 - After pile shuffling I side in Sadistic Sacrament to make sure he don't get them Wurmcoils going. I don't end up needing it as I start with a lotus cobra, an oracle, and a prime in my hand while drawing into Nix. Game is over in 4 turns (he scoops.)

3 - 1 (6 - 3)

So...all in all not bad. A little disappointed that I do have the excuse that I got drawn out of most of my losses, but for funsies I did replay the elf guy after and was well on my way to beating him when the next round went up so we stopped. I also played the U/B control deck that won California state -- we went 1 - 1 and then called it a draw because we had to start round 1 of FNM.

2) FNM 4 - 1 (9 - 3), 4th Place

FNM Report (Finally)

21 Entries

Round 1: Nixilis Wave vs. RDW

Great, literally the only deck I feel that I actually have an disadvantageous match-up against with this deck. Oh well, here goes...

Game 1 - So check this, I have a decent hand. Not that fast, but it's ok. He wins the roll...turn 3 rolls around and after dropping a Iron Myr on turn 2 (wtf?) he drops Koth on turn 3. Do you think I can somehow recover from this? I drop Nix on turn 4 with fetch support and am 1 turn away from killing him when he kills me. Damn.

Game 2 - I combo off pretty quickly and even though he bolts my birds, and my cobra, and he manages to get Koth on the board he's no match for my Nix on the field and Genesis Wave into 3 land with Khalni Heart expedition on board.

Game 3 - Turn 2 Tunnel Ignus, Turn 3 Tunnel Ignus + Bolt Birds. Wow. I don't know if I could have had a worse chance, especially with Khalni Heart Expedition, Primeval Titan and Cultivate in my hand. I manage to get him down to 3 life anyway before he swings for lethal. Again, one turn away from winning but RDW is just too fast.

0 - 1 (1 - 2)

Round 2: Nixilis Wave vs. U/B Control

The one that won one of the states, but it has Grave Titan and Wurmcoil Engine.

Game 1 - I win the roll, play first. He doom blades my Birds, which is fine, because I drop Cobra the next turn and start powering my way to victory. I bait some counters with Primeval and then one of the two Genesis Wave in hand. After pumping my way to 7 land I drop Avenger of Zendikar with a Khalni Heart (with three counters) waiting. He scoops.

Game 2 - He keeps a 3 land hand with 2 counters, 2 wurmcoils and a grave titan I guess. Either way he draws 3 land in a row, I mulled down to 5 and still couldn't get a hand so I played it anyway. He beat me suffice to say.

Game 3 - He counters one of two Nix I have in my hand. Ramp him out on turn 3, turn 4 drop a second Lotus Cobra, a fetch and a Khalni Heart. Turn 5 Genesis Wave into enough land to end it.

1 - 1 (3 - 3)

Round 3: Nixilis Wave vs. White Weenie

Game 1 - It was pretty short. He landed a Lynx early and started beating with fetchlands. Fortunately I had a really fast start, Birds into Lotus into Khalni heart. A genesis wave for 8 spelled his doom as I hit 3 Land a Primeval, a Grave Titan and Nix (2 cutlivate and 1 explore go into the graveyard.)

Game 2 - Similar to game 1. He starts beating early but he isn't fast enough to avoid my comboing off. Primeval out on turn 3, Nix on turn 4. No genesis wave, but it wasn't necessary.

2 - 1 (5 - 3)

Round 4: Nixilis Wave vs. B/U Mill Deck

Game 1 - Not much to say (the next one won't be long either.) I combo'd off before he could mill me.

Game 2 - Again, same thing. Though this time I was down to 6 cards after 2 Genesis Waves.

3 - 1 (7 - 3)

Round 5: Nixilis Wave vs. Mono Green Aggro

This was the deck that won one of the states with Leatherback Baloth and whatnot.

Game 1 - He gets me down to 3 life when I start getting things like Grave Titan, Primeval Titan, and Avenger of Zendikar. Then I had time to get the rest of my deck going. He was frustrated.

Game 2 - Again, he got me down really low, but I had a really, really fast start. Suffice to say I had him dead on turn 4 with Nixilis after hitting a wave for 3 land (2 fetches) with Khalni Heart Expedition on the field.

4 - 1 (9 - 3)

So yeah...success. I got 4th overall because I lost in the first round, but I've played all three of the decks that ended above me and I'm sure I would have won if we played.


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