Unbreakable [T2 - G]

It lives again! That's right, I revived my elf deck. I just like the idea of elves too much, and I love playing them. It gives me a nice break from my two major controllish decks that I normally play. Plus, it's awesome.

So notable changes, I've added Genesis Wave, and Joraga Treespeaker to help with it. I've lowered lands from 22 to 20 (I mean, honestly, with that much mana production I could probably go lower.) Many ways to win obviously, Monument, Warcaller, etc. The fun thing ends up being that Withstand Death actually has some applications to this deck. Protecting Ezuri, Warcaller, or Archdruid (or anything really that I need to keep on the board) for a simple 1 mana. It's awesome.

Genesis Wave kicks this deck into overdrive. It's not hard for this deck to be pumping out 8+ Mana on turn 3, which is just a world of trouble if I run 5 cards out (especially considering, other than Genesis Wave, everything in my deck is a permanent.)


Results, testing and more to come!


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