Destructive Force [G/R/U - T2]

1st place - 20 entries. Online tournament: 6 - 0 - 1 (12 - 3)
5th place - 29 entries. FNM: 3 - 1 (7 - 2)
1st place - 14 entries. TNM: 3 - 0 (6 - 2)

So here's the deck I've fallen in love with. I've taken flak a lot already for not having JtMS in the list...or Primeval Titan, but I'll have my reasoning below.

First off, the deck is based around an amazing card that is the reason for its name, and function:

Obviously quite a powerful card. 5 damage to each creature, and each player sacrifices 5 lands? Usually it will clear the board, and reset manabases...but an equal Force is not what we want. We need to abuse this in some way so that it gives US the advantage. Thus:

Garruk, a bunch of other ramp and you have a great way of gaining a land advantage over your opponent before you drop that big deuce on their chest. But, what's the point of that if you don't have some way of finishing the game? It's important that you have a wincon (or multiple) and that those wincons can survive a Force or they're kind of useless!

Remember them Titans? Frost titan is the perfect finisher for this deck, and Inferno Titan isn't so bad himself. With those two together (a 4 - 2 split) you have enough finishers that even if you lose one you should be able to get one to stick before forcing your opponent out of the game. Then throw in a few card draw spells, some counters, and some burn...voila! You have an awesome deck.

Alright, so like I said before I get flak for not running Jace or Primeval. Most people just assume it's a budgetary decision, but it's not. My reasoning for not using Jace is that the deck itself lacks the ability to actually protect Jace and you'll see that in a lot of the top match-ups pros end up siding Jace out anyway! So in a first round match-up I will 90% of the time find Foresee to be more useful because it allows you to dig a potential 6 cards deep. That's huge. Used the right way it can land you that needed threat before a D-Force, the bolt you were looking for, or the D-Force you need to wrap the game up. I just think it's invaluable.

Next is the Primeval Titan. What place does it really have in this deck? I understand that dropping it at 6 mana and then dropping D-Force the next turn is pretty badass. But most of the time you should be able to drop a 6 mana threat and then D-Force anyway. Frost Titan is just much, much better as a finisher for this deck. It's harder to remove, it taps down opposing lands if they have any left, or creatures if necessary. In any case that you have a Primeval down for this deck I would almost always rather have the Frost Titan.

So those are my two main changes from the 'typical' D-Force decks. However, I also can't decide between Rampant Growth and Sylvan Ranger. Ranger offers a chump blocker when necessary and helps make Explore better (as well as fixing, blah blah). Unfortunately the land goes to your hand and not to the field so it's slightly slower.


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