I long for a world filled with robots

Mamelon has been ordering things from a manga site lately. The neat thing about this site is that every order comes with a piece or two of Japanese candy, like rice paper candy or muskat jellies. It's sadly indicative of what sort of person I am that I am considering becoming more interested in manga just for the free candy that comes with it.

Yesterday was a pretty hectic and intense day for me. It started at 5:20 am when my co-worker called me from work asking if I had any Pepto-Bismol. Not to go into too much detail, but apparently there was a rather... dramatic outbreak of diarrhea in the home in which I work.

Needless to say, much of my day was split evenly between being disgusted and exercising a good degree of insincere bedside manner. Additionally, I got to run around in freaking bureacratic circles for a good few hours trying to get one client's medication schedule resolved so she could return to work today. I really just hate playing phone tag. Whenever I have to navigate the channels at work and try and get something done, I feel like I'm playing against some awful UW control deck built with little else but being irritating in mind. It's gotten so bad recently that we have to actually call (often uninvolved) third parties just to get clearance to TALK to someone else within the very SAME organization. I'm not talking about checking in with a receptionist over the phone, either, I mean literally calling someone up at their desk to ask permission to speak with someone else altogether. It drives me absolutely freaking nuts. Nothing ever gets done without it becoming ridiculously complicated, but at the same time, you get chided if things aren't done quickly or efficiently. Argh. You see how efficient you can be when you are made to sit on hold for an hour while three people phone each other back and forth to collectively come up to an answer to a question you could have answered yourself if that weren't a violation of company policy.

Now, I'm on down-time for a bit, but there is a persistent feeling of anxiety as I wait for something else to come up and drive me insane.

Anyway- I was reading the paper briefly last night, and I found an article that really amused me. I'm not going to repost or link it, though. It's not that it isn't appropriate or anything, but it sort of ties into something here on MTGS that only a few people would know about- something that was discussed in the Coffeehouse a while back that was a bit controversial. So I'm not going to post it because I don't want to rekindle that whole mess, but at the same time I am left with an insatiable desire to let out a Nelson-esque "Ha-HA!"


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