[Pauper][EDH] Colorless Insanity with Plague Myr

[B]Introducing the most restricted EDH deck ever:[/B]

[B]Colorless. Pauper. Insanity.[/B]

Pauper Commander rules require the use of non-rares only. Any card printed as a common (or uncommon for the commander) is legal. In place of the regular requirement for a legendary commander, any common/uncommon creature is allowed. Finally, the other 99 cards must be common. All other rules are the same.

The mission: Create a pauper deck with a colorless creature as the commander. 1 Non-rare and 99 commons: how bad could it be? There are 31 permanent mana sources available at common that have a colorless identity. 18 lands and 13 artifacts. Enough for EDH? Let's see.
Colorless Insanity w/ Plague MyrMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
1 Plague Myr

Mana (32)
1 Bant Panorama
1 Cloudpost
1 Command Tower
1 Darksteel Citadel
1 Desert
1 Esper Panorama
1 Glimmerpost
1 Grixis Panorama
1 Haunted Fengraf
1 Jund Panorama
1 Naya Panorama
1 Quicksand
1 Rupture Spire
1 Seraph Sanctuary
1 Shimmering Grotto
1 Urza's Mine
1 Urza's Power Plant
1 Urza's Tower

1 Springleaf Drum
1 Fellwar Stone
1 Fractured Powerstone
1 Mind Stone
1 Prismatic Lens
1 Manakin
1 Darksteel Ingot
1 Manalith
1 Sol Grail
1 Pristine Talisman
1 Scuttlemutt
1 Sisay's Ring
1 Ur-Golem's Eye

1 Lotus Petal

Equipment (20)
1 Bone Saw
1 Accorder's Shield
1 Leonin Scimitar
1 Bonesplitter
1 Flayer Husk
1 Whispersilk Cloak
1 Strider Harness
1 Sylvok Lifestaff
1 Vulshok Morningstar
1 Heavy Mattock
1 Bladed Bracers
1 Wooden Stake
1 Bladed Pinions
1 Vulshok Gauntlets
1 Copper Carapace
1 Explorer's Scope
1 Runed Stalactite
1 Executioner's Hood
1 Slagwurm Armor
1 Viridian Longbow

Creatures (28)
1 Ichorclaw Myr
1 Phyrexian Digester
1 Corpse Cur
1 Ulamog's Crusher
1 Hand of Emrakul
1 Clockwork Gnomes
1 Arcbound Bruiser
1 Arcbound Stinger
1 Arcbound Hybrid
1 Arcbound Worker
1 Ornithopter
1 Shield Sphere
1 Frogmite
1 Yotian Soldier
1 Training Drone
1 Perilous Myr
1 Myr Sire
1 Hovermyr
1 Aesthir Glider
1 Chrome Steed
1 Battering Ram
1 Dragon Engine
1 Myr Adapter
1 Myr Enforcer
1 Snapsail Glider
1 Narstad Scrapper
1 Reinforced Bulwark
1 Roterothopter
1 Pili-Pala

Other (17)
1 Darksteel Pendant
1 Ashnod's Altar
1 Scale of Chiss-Goria
1 Tooth of Chiss-Goria
1 Golem Foundry
1 Expedition Map
1 Serrated Arrows
1 Mightstone
1 Squee's Toy
1 Tawnos's Wand
1 Elven Lyre
1 Tumble Magnet
1 Welding Jar
1 Herbal Poultice
1 Runesword
1 Amulet of Kroog
1 Glasses of Urza
1 Chromatic Star

I had originally planned on using this sweet guy: Darksteel Sentinel, 31 mana sources is really... not much; perhaps there's an uncommon creature that can help with this issue?

The only real choice is between Palladium Myr and Plague Myr. Mr. Plague costs less and actually has some personality, so let's use him as our commander.

What!? We need 69 MORE cards? Uh...

We do have a few options:

decent 0 cc cards (tokens are included in the search, so getting this out of the way):

+ all 173 +![U]+![B]+![R]+![G]&text=+![{W}]+![{U}]+![{B}]+![{R}]+![{G}]+![mana pool]&subtype=+![Forest]+![Plains]+![Island]+![Mountain]+![Swamp]&rarity=|[C]&cmc=+>[0]"]additional cards. Unfortunately, many of these cards are either nonfunctional without colored cards, or are incredibly over-priced. Since we have an infecting commander, +power & evasion will be extra useful. Let's see what the list might look like...

[B]Cards to update this list with:[/B]

Oh gosh. You know it's bad when you're using Herbal Poultice. This deck requires aggressive mulligans to get enough mana to stabilize and begin attacking. Plague Myr is often brought out and used for mana before attacking.


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