Local Legacy Pox: Episode 6

This week there were a few tiny changes I wanted to make to the list. I wanted to up the land count to 26. I wanted a way to shuffle away an ugly top 3 cards viewed with Top. And I wanted some tech against batterskull and equipment holding dudes that can manage to sneak past the edict effects.

Here's what I ended up with:

I'm experimenting with cutting 1 dark Ritual. I also added Maze of Ith back to the list, and added a second damnation to the sideboard in place of 1 of the two perish.

Round 1 VS: U/R Delver
Game 1: I win the roll, but end up mulling to 6. My opponent leads off with a turn 1 Delver. It flips revealing daze. My attempt to kill it baits out the daze, and opponent follows up with a ponder. Liliana ends the troublesome delver, and with a crucible waste lock coming soon it looks like I've stabilized. I then get end of turn priced of progressed, followed up by chain lightining and bolt, which is enough to kill me.

SB: -3 Thoughtsieze, -1 Crucible of Worlds, -1 Nether Void, +2 Extirpate, +2 Engineered Plague, +1 Duress

Game 2: This time we both mull to 6. I open with ritual into lilly. Opponent then slaps lily for 2 with a goblin guide, who kindly hands me some land. I play mishra's factory, and then extirpate the arid mesa he fetched with. He had a mesa in hand, soooo good:D! The guide swings back at lily, giving me another land. I drop a maze of ith, which the guide cant find his way out of, so he decides to leave my plainswalker alone. I extirpate a discarded bolt, and cursed scroll eventually takes the game.

Game 3:
It's almost like the goblin guide from the previous game never went anywhere, because I'm already getting hit for 2 and drawing a land. I dispatch the goblin with an innocent blood. I land a cruicible a maze and a lilly, after eating a bolt and price of progress to the face. Opponent plays a snapcaster, targets bolt, and I extirpate it. He had a bolt in hand for the extra values:D. A few turns later I -2 lily to to clear the board and play another lily by tapping my wasteland and ghost quarter (my other lands are urborg, swamp, and factory). to leave maze of ith open for any pesky goblins. Opponent then plays a price of progress, putting me to 1. Ouch. One more burn spell, and I lose. He draws it. I took a total of 16 damage from price of progress' that game!


Round 2 VS: Affinity
Game 1: I win the roll and open with a swamp. Opponent then plays 2x Ornithopter, and a Vault Skirge. I play a maze of ith to hold off the insect. I stall long enough to get a crucible/waste lock, followed up by a liliana. With one creature on board, no lands, staring at a maze and lilly, opponent scoops.

SB: -4 Innocent Blood, -2 Nether Void, +2 Ensnaring bridge, + 2 Damnation, +2 Pithing needle

Game 2: Opponent opens with cabal therapy naming innocent blood. At this point i'm concerned that my opponent is going to play a 0 drop and flash back the therapy to ruin my sweet hand. He doesn't. I open with ritual ritual, ensnaring bridge, top, IoK. Then the game stalls for about 10 or so turns. He drops a bajillion artifacts, so I don't bother making him sac any, and figure I'll go for a few ultimates. He drops a ravager, swings in with ornithopter, sacrifices all his artifacts to ravager, and then sacs the ravager to power up the thopter. I die.

Game 3:
Pretty much the same situation as before. I lock up the board with early discard, and a bridge. He plays a million dudes, but this time he plays tezz, who kills me with his undercosted ulti the next turn.


Round 3 VS: MUD-Post Artifact brew thing
Game 1: I lose the roll, but opponent opens with a cloudpost and passes. I ritual into Liliana of the Veil. He plays another post, and puts down a chalice on 1, which is fine with me and my hand full of two drops. I play a smallpox, and he never gets more than 2 lands for the rest of the game. I ultimated with lilly at least 3 times while waiting for a win con. Cursed scrolls were dead draws because of the chalice, and whenever I got a factory going, he would topdeck a wasteland. About 20 turns in I draw a crucible, and finally beat him to death.

SB: -4 Innocent Blood, +2 Pithing Needle, +1 Duress, +1 Thoughtsieze.

Game 2: Opponent opens with ancient tomb into grim monolith. I answer with a thoughtsieze, taking the lodestone golem that was going to come down the next turn. I then sinkhole his ancient tomb and lock down his other land with Rishadan port. He gets a voltaic key in threating big mana with the monoliths, but I play a pithing needle to take care of that problem. Liliana and Mishra lock and win the game.


Round 4 VS: Esper Stoneblade
Game1: I win the roll. I have answers for all of his stuff. Lily & top with factory beatdown threaten leathal, but opponent scoops when I stop the beats to slam a nether void.

SB: Don't remember, and I didn't write it down, but I remember that it felt a bit awkward.:-/

Game 2: A few IoK's and a smallpox take care of the problem cards in his hand, and Mishra happily swings away with the workshop (not even really sure how that works flavor wise). Nether void comes down unanswered, and opponent blows the game by playing a lingering souls with only 5 mana. I have a wasteland and a cruicible already in play, and next turn double wasetland him. He scoops, quite upset at his play mistake.


Match Results after 6 Weeks: 9 wins(+2 Byes)-12 Loses
ANT Storm: 1-1
UR Delver: 1-2
Junk: 1-1
Jund: 0-1
Bye: 2-0
Reanimator: 1-0
Elves: 1-0
Affinity: 0-2
Zoo: 0-1
Esper Stoneblade: 1-2
Red Stompy: 1-1
Death and Taxes: 1-1
Sneak & Show: 0-1
Mud/Artifact: 1-0

For some reason I feel like I'm now destined to go 2-2 at these tournaments. I'm very happy with the decklist, and am always looking to improve my play. I am a little discouraged though with my records. I know I'm part (if not entirely) to blame but I can't help but question the deck a little. Is it too fair? Many things in legacy just kill you or are not fair at all, and it doesn't feel like our deck takes advantage of those sweet tools.

Well, our deck does have a lot of unfair things to do, it just does them differently. Pox may not be a tier 1 deck, it may not cast spells for free, but it has all the tools to beat the tier 1's.

I'm TheJGits. I'm a Mono B Mage. And I love it.


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