Winter sunrise, and blueberry jam

Good morning. Well, today is my first day on the new job. I have a mixture of excitement and anxiety rolling about inside me, and hopefully be the day's end, one or both of them should be soothed. Tomorrow is my first day off at said job, so I do hope that this day goes well. If anyone wishes me luck, whether or not there is such a thing to wish, he or she will merit my appreciation.

Many times I feel as if life is defined by the book-end-like extremes of sleep. Ever hour is in some ay or another spent looking forward to the next increment of sleep, at least to me. Or at least rest, anyway. I do not identify myself much with my highs of activity; rather, I think of them breaks from periods of rest. I wonder if that will change at all as I grow older.

In any case, miss blog, I shall surely visit you again later today.


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