DD Ashok, Nightmare Weaver

This is the third Planeswalker Theme Duel deck for the theros block, The deck is modeled after the duel deck product line and typically follow their guidelines. So 1 mythic, 5 rares, stick to the theme , make it playable, ensure its simply to follow and other things.

BUAshiok, Nightmare WeaverUB
Engima and Fear

Ashok is a nightmare of a deck to make, on the one hand you want it to be simply and fun to play against but on the other you want to be cruel and sadistic, which fights into the decks colors.

The deck is quite controlling, with the desire to make the opponent have nightmares about playing against the deck. It doesn't hit very hard but it will make an opponent struggle.

The real highlight of the deck has to be orb of dreams which grinds down play to a slow pace allowing the Ashok player to deal with threats more easily.

While the deck doesn't have to many value cards in terms of market value, the flavor of the deck really is something.


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