DD Ajani, Mentor of Heroes

This is the second Planeswalker Theme Duel deck, The deck is modeled after the duel deck product line and typically follow their guidelines. So 1 mythic, 5 rares, stick to the theme , make it playable, ensure its simply to follow and other things

WGAjani, Mentor of HeroesGW
Strength and Honor

Ajani is a weird character, he has gone through 2 color changes but remains mostly white. So the aim of the deck really was to capture this idea of this noble figure training heroes.

The deck lacks a lot of whites typically removal spells focusing more on pumping up creatures.

The many enchantments allow Ajani to really bolster his forces, while cards like Centaur Healer buy time against more aggressive foes.

Overall a rather fun take on the jungle cat.

[Edit] The pervious version of this deck was a bit to Theros heavy. I decided to go for more traditional so to speak enchantments with a bit of a +1/+1 counter theme and a little bit of life gain



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