Let's celebrate!!!!

i hit 1000 posts in 20 days yesterday!!!




when i registered here in MTGS on march 5, 2009, i was so excited to post. at the beginning, my posting rate was at the minimum since i was still new to the forums. back then, i usually posted in the rumor mill.

time went by and i finally noticed that some people had amazing banners in their signature. i wanted to have a cool banner so i searched in google or yahoo for banners that i could use. but i still couldn't find any decent ones.

eventually, i noticed in one of the banners that the guy was giving credit to another guy for making the banner. then i finally found a banner with a link to the place where it was made; High~Lite Studios (it's kind of sad that they closed the shop).

in the general rules, i read that the person must have a minimum of 25 posts. i wanted a sig banner so much that i kept on finding threads to post responses or, if not, to make a new thread myself. in my eagerness to reach 25 posts, i even received an infraction for bumping old threads, or posting spam such as "yeah, your right."XD.

in the end, when i reached 25 posts, i was so excited to post a request in High~Lite Studios. then i got a banner.

as time passed by, i also noticed that some guys have titles below their username, and, again, i wanted one. but i realized that i needed 1000 posts to get one. in my quest to get that amount of posts, i found the subforum; custom card contests and games. ever since, i just kept on posting there. and thanks to sheer willpower and boredom, i was able to reach 1000 posts in 20 days. (50 ppd) insane, right? it even reached a point when my friends would get pissed because of my "addiction in posting" here in MTGS.

well, that's my story so far, and, as of now, i can be seen posting in that same subforom, not just because i'm sooo bored, but because i find it enjoyable.


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