bigass master tournament stuffs

I wrote this as i went along, and I went to bed at 12:00 and got up at 6:30 so some parts may be a bit confusing.

hey there, I came into this competition playing ++dark bant trap++ last master, I went jund, so if i screw this up, I am in so much crap! (I got 10th in my first and only master befire this Wink

Me and Lat[GRC] talked in the M-L chat, and he gets 2 byes! totall bull! anyhow, I am playing R1 in 6:43, my main hope here is that I get a good matchup, that is all I need! because this deck certainly seems pretty good!

Last minute deck modifications include -1 sideboarded Iona, +1 sideboarded Grizzled Leotau XD

I was playing someone who T1'd a scalding tarn, and i was lice CRAAAAP i hope this is not RDW! but then he put down a plains, and I was sure it was WUR control, i had board, but I overextended, so he doj'd then negate'd my negate Frown He then ajani-blasted my lands, allowing to untap, my 19/19 knight of the reliquey, and played another ajani V, tapping it again! G2 I won with Iona, so he boarded out his EQ's for G3, which i kept forest, plains, verdent catacombs, cobra, cobra, BSA, BSA he o-ring'd both BSA's, but i swing for LOADS when he finally calmed down the board, then I summon trapp'd into iona, he counterd it, but I counter'd his counter. Next turn i drew my other wincon, acadic slime Wink the game was soon mine
At the end, he tells me that he boarded out his EQ's. Poor him, but I move on to game 2, he can still final, if he is really REALLY lucky! that was close, a 2-1 win for mee


on the break, Lat and me decide (because he got 2 byes for the trial he won!) that we would draw if we were paired against eachother, that's cool by me! Grin

VS wu control


r1 STUCK ON W/G get down iona, he bounces, hardcast, board swinging allot! trap into sphinx, killing his BSA on attack, now i have board. he sping'd got 8! he martial coupe's for 6 i am so screwed! get down a sphinx, then he coupe's for 10! i get a harrow, but I am out of basics! i get down a BSA, damn my draws are good! he takes g1

g2, keep an okay hand, t3 BSA goddamn, he o-rings it damnit!

g3 I keep a hand with no low drops, and a DoJ, but it has a slime and a BSA and 4 lands, I get my turn 5 BSA. DAMN he doesnt oring it, he paths it! o well, i am still holding a slime, this is looking kind of bad, but I still have 2 DoJ's, I get down a iona, hardcasted, naming white, and he only has a baneslayer. he mind spring's for 4, and i am happy, because next turn, i can negate if needed. the game is pretty tight. I get down a knight, for attacking. DAMN i played my SotSW, that was so overcommiting! he mind spring's for 8! holy hell! but he is once again tapped out, so i can safely attack with my sphinx. it is getting really scary! i attack with sphinx, and 5/5 knight, hopigng he wll block the night. this is looking really good, he double block'd

AWESOME! i take this game! too bad for my opponent



i win the roll, VS jund, we both have very good starts! i get down 2 cobras and add LOADS of mana with knight! get down a BSA! knight is strong, and I am holding a negate, this should be a very fast game, i learn my opponent had 3 byes, I am a little jealous, but he is playing rampy jund, so I should be okay, ooh it is going well, i trade my knight for his borderland ranger, and utrid leech, that's okay Smile i have a BSA and am holding a negate. He bit blasts, and cascades in to bolt! I let my cobras die, for i have a baneslayer! Grin he gets down a broodmate! I think i have this though Smile I WIN GAME 1!

G2 I keep a very good hand, and lets see where this goes i have a t3 harrow lined up, hope to Td something I can play off it awesome, I draw a cobra, so as long as he doesn't remove it, I get a next-turn trap aww poo he bolts it, i get another cobra, and it goes off completely, then he bolts it Grin i have a harrow down now, and will trap on his turn! summon trap, o crap, only get a slime! uh oh, i screw up, and accadentaly get a catacombs, but that is easily fixed, i need a land topdeck! i am at 3 life, and just played a sphinx! ono if he has a bolt, i lose good! no bolt! i am up at a safe 6 life, and i think i have this game <3 LOL! i surprise him with another sphinx!! this is insanity! he scoops then, being at 12, with no answers to the sphinxes

Final 2-0, poor opponentt, he had a good deck, and wicked draws, i just didn't see any blightnings or anything


over the break, me and Lat and everyone else in #trap for that matter have a chat, and it seems out main opponent, that we can tell would be Simone[ITA]'s 4cc/5cc so that's not bad, because he is 2-1-0

We then were discussing putting wispersilk cloak in the sideboard VS emeria angel or RDW/Boros, i though they were joking, but they were being very serious! ahh good times!

ROUND 4 is coming up!
ROUND 4 in 3 minutes
ROUND 4 is being paired.....
ROUND 4 is still being paired and it's been like 20 minutes

ROUND 4 is ready, and the master is over 1hr behind scedule

I really hope I win this! if I do, I can (i think) just draw the next to and qualify for finals!

Ugh, game I i get totally screwed game 1, and go to game 2, I get 3 for 1'd by his DoJ, then he dropps 2 Sphinx of Jwar Isle, and I am down Frown



quite possibly my best matchup, mono W control, g1, summoning trap into iona

he already played Vs this deck 3 times!

he gets a t2 cannonist, which is bad for me, because i know he has a feldar soverign, i summoningg trap, hitting nothing but a slime, tak out his emeria ruin. i get a summoning trap... nothing then i get my last plains, and BOOM it's an iona

It was close, i though to myself, with a massive board, and he has just a bsa and a wall, he scoops, and it's 2-0 for me!

Jeez that was easy, Lat is about 95% chance to T8 good for him! he work'd his ass off for this deck!

20 minutes to burn, so just filled up on nahos, GO MEE!



start this round in 11th place

ahh against boros sbushwhacker, I cant really say much, just that i lost 2-0 Frown really sucks! now i dont think i can top 8



start this round in 15th place Frown

VS RDW, proably my best matchup, game 1 is an easy win, game 2 is really slow, but eventually he gets a goblin guide though, and I am a gonner, game 3 he gets me down to 1 life left, so i play a wall of revrence, gaining 4 from reliquey, lucky no burn! then i just keep gaining life, summon trap into a BSA, and get another wall XD best game i ever played with this deck!

Waiting to see if i top 8 or not, goddamn, i am so anxous!

Aww final ruling or w/e i got 13th :'(

well, that's okay, I won every single die roll, and only mull'd twice, thanks to Lat for the deck!


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