FNM is evil and saintly at the same time

I really like my biweekly(usually every 2 weeks) FNM drafts, yesterday we had 19 people show, so there were pods of 9&10 so p1p1 i get to slam a Day Of Judgment, and I continue going white with no removal, until a late paralyzing grasp. p2p1 I dont really remember what I got, but I remember it being a pretty good white card, later like p2p3 i got a Rite of Replication ^.^ p3p1 which was my ob nixilis, the fallen art booster, I got a terra stomper, which was passed to the guy with 2 baloth woodcrashers, and 4 harrows... he got 1 foruth last pick!

I also got a Sphinx of Lost Truths and a Conqueror's Pledge.

the games weren't too good. I went 1-3 Frown but the last game, I played the guy casually, and i got 5 128/128 kazandu warlord tokens. good times Smile

abyhow, no prizes, but I managed to trade a raredrafted lavaball trap for lorthos the tidemaker which i am quite happy about, because that card is so fun <3


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