Kaw! Kaw! Kaw!

I hold a special place in my hearts for theses limbless bird-like creatures that suddenly came into my world. I saw them recently at a book signing. I was waiting in line, looking forward to getting my copy of "How I Transformed Into A Dustmite, In 14 Sod-Covered Minutes" signed, when from almost out of nowhere these creatures came out from the crowd screaming like a rape victim with a bullhorn. They had thick masculine humanoid legs, which led into the head of a crow, except larger. Their eyes were sunken deep into their skulls, but could be made out by the their pale yellow glow. With each scream that echoed through the room, a viscous white fluid came from the birds mouths. It flew out in strands, spraying everywhere. There wasn't a soul alive or dead that day that didn't find their hair and clothes matted down to their skin by the cruel sperm-laden acts of the birdmen. However, I couldn't help but smile. When your sitting in a large group of complete strangers, surrounded by vile half-man/half-bird demons, liberally drenched in their sexual release. I think it's best to sit back and really smile at how unique that situation really is, I mean how many other people could say they were around for that? And its for those moments that I breathe.

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