Hygiene Shmygiene

It seems I've never actually posted in these here blogs about anything magic related really. I always figured, what with having an entire friggin forum dedicated to that topic, that I could save this lil space for sharing with you guys my various hallucinations and nightmares. Rather than just filling this place up with more of the same crap you could find on the rest of the forums anyway.

So that being said, I have an important question for all you Magic: The Gathering players.

What is that stuff on you peoples hands that leaves black crap all over your card sleeves? And did you ever notice that it tends to be more prominent with bad players or players with a crappy collection?

What is it? Is it the visual representation of failure? Tiny black gooey dots of loss, collecting on the edges of your sticky,warped card sleeves? When your poor, does your sweat turn black and thick or something?

I mean, sure. I'd be lying if I said I "never" got a lil scum here and there on my cards. But were talking after like months of heavy play and just a few lil spots here and there.

I've seen some of these kids turn fresh out of the pack yellow sleeves into what looks like discarded browned banana peels after one FNM.

What the hell is that?! Do you people EVER wash your hands? Like even once a week? I could understand skipping a hand washing if it was just number 1, but that better not be literal **** you're handing me when you ask me to help you with your deck.

Even just like spit on your palm and wipe it on that clever lil family guy t-shirt you got there or something. At least make some effort to not cover me in your feces.

So MTGS community, before this blog gets drowned in a sea of crappy "pet decks". Tell me about your experience with filth.


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