Ccccraaaack! Sploosh! Wisk, wisk, wisk

Cool idea for an image I just had.

There's a bowl full of tiny human heads. They're roughly the size of lemons, but are otherwise identical to your average human head and made of the same human skin you or I might have, with eyes, nose hair and teeth. At this moment their eyes and mouth are closed tightly.

You see a hand grab one of the tiny heads and strike the head against the side of an empty bowl, a crack is heard and we see the head's mouth and eyes open at once in what some might refer to as "fear", but this isn't necessarily fear, it's arguable whether or not these heads even still have emotion at this point.

The hands gently pull apart the skull from the crack that has formed in the back and we see the eyes sink back into the socket and eventually pour out the back of the cracked skull amongst brain and various other red fluids.

The empty "head shell" is disposed of in a bag and this repeats.


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