[Standard] U/W Agro

This decklist would fit within the competitive U/W Humans list however there is no human affiliation any longer so I don't see why they still call it that. Anyways I am getting a list ready to run tonight.

Just to sort of run through sort of what I see in my meta and why I did some of the things I did. We have sort of the following:

U/W Humans: Myself now and one other player. The other player has all of the cards for the list but he still makes a lot of play mistakes that cost him more often than not.

G/W Tokens 2-3 people with this. I havent seen it a lot yet but I know a lot of people have been moving it arround as an option. I will need to S/B for this knowing it is out there and I tried some test games against it which went poorly pre sideboard.

Red Deck Wins 1 person. There are a few U/R varients but I havent really had a problem with this coming from my U/W control list as long as I keep the Timely sideboarded.

Wolf Run Ramp 0-2 I know of at least 3 people who can make this deck but I have only seen one person play it and he didnt like it so as of right now I am not expecting it in my meta but I know it can sort of pop up whenever someone feels like bringing it in. I will sideboard for it once I see it. Until then nobody seems to like running it.

Solar Flare 1-2 there has been one or two people brining this in. One of them has a homebrew that is really really counter heavy so I need to sort of expect some heavy counterspell options against this.

Illusions 0-1 To my knowledge nobody is running it yet. I think there is one person who has been assembling it but he has like 4 other standard decks and I dont know how viable he was looking to make it. If he does get it pieced together I will work on it then.

Tempered Steel 0 I think there was someone looking to make a homebrew but I was honestly the person who used to run this so I am not going to worry about it right now. I dont think I will be seeing it soon.

U/B/x Control U/W is just more popular where I am. I see more U/W or Solar Flare so I will gear for that.

Mono-B Infect 0-3 I havent seen anyone actively running this of late however there have been a few lists in the past so it could pop back up but currently I am not seeing much of it.

U/W/x Blade Decks 0-1 I am mainly the person who was running this but there is one other person who can run this and occasionally does. I know he is currently on a 4c pod list that he has been running though so I wont worry about this at the moment.

U/B Tezzeret one player that I know runs this. It isnt that impressive though and I beat him well with my old U/W control list so I am not going to worry about it too much right now.

Bant Pod one player running a pod deck currently. I know a few others who had mentioned interest though so this could pick up.

U/W/x Control I was the main person here but there was 1-2 other decks that looked sort of similar.

So going forward I am sort of going to concentrate on the control, tokens, and sort of a RDW strategy of sideboarding. This can always change but currently that is sort of what I am facing.


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