[Powerfantasy] Some pics of a game...

Just got some shots of a quick game between Simon (Co-creator) and I this weekend.

I'm playing Phobeya - Silhouette - Miles (Bottom of first pic), versus Simon who's playing Bolt - Craw - Locust (top of first pic)

Pic one is of the game 6 turns in.

Pic two is a little closer on play.

Pic three is my team: Phobeya (2 super points) & Silhouette (Max super points) are active, Miles non-active.

People who are familiar with the game will notice optimal Lost in Illusion placed onto Craw is picture #4! Hehehe, no more super points til you retreat you dirty skeleton! Grin

5 is some card backs... showing PF logo in all its finery.

Um, yeah, I lost this game too... so boo. Still, Phobeya rules any enemies that rely on Special Constants to maintain an advantage, like Locust & Bolt, so it was a very close match-up. Pity I lost Miles too early though.



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