In the beginning...

"In the beginning, that which Is is all there was, and there was nothing else. Yet All That Is could not know itself - because All That Is is all there was, and there was nothing else. And so, All That Is... was not. For in the absence of something else, All That Is, is not.
This is the great Is/Not Is to which mystics have referred from the beginning of time.
Now All That Is knew it was all there was - but this was not enough, for it could only know its utter magnificence conceptually, not experientially. Yet the experience of itself is that for which it longed, for it wanted to know what it felt like to be so magnificent. Still this was impossible, because the very term "magnificent" is a relative term. All That Is could not know what it felt like to be magnificent unless that which is not (Magnificent) showed up. In the absence of that which is not, that which Is, is not.

Do you understand this? ... I hope so, let's keep going...

The ony thing that All That Is knew is that there was nothing else. And so it could, and would, never know itself from a reference point outside of itself. Such a point did not exist. Only one refernce point existed, and that was the single place within. The "Is-not Is" The Am-Not Am.
Still, the All of Everything chose to know itself experientially.
This Energy - This pure, unseen, unheard, unobserved, and therefore unknown-by-anyone-else energy - chose to experience itself as the utter magnificence it was. In order to do this, it realised it would have to use a reference point within.
It reasoned, quite correctly, that any portion of itself would necessarily have to be less than the whole, and that if it simply divided itself into portions, each portion, being less than the whole, could look back on the rest of itself and see magnificence.
And so All That Is divided itself - becoming, in one glorious moment, that which is this, and that which is that. For the first time, this and that existed, quite apart from each other. And still, both existed simultaneously. As did all that was neither.
Thus, three elements suddenly existed: that which is here. That which is there. And that which is neither here nor there - but which must exist for here and there to exist.
It is the nothing which holds the everything. It is the non-space which holds the space. It is the all that holds the parts.

Can you understand this? Are you following this?

I'm going to go further.. soon.


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