~~ ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ The Pure Alliance ʕ•ᴥ• ʔ ~~

Pure, in general form, is acting with selfless intentions whilst living a life of proactive, correct and logical choices where blame is nonexistent and there replaced with gratitude.

The Pure Alliance is a casual coalition based on a non-binding pact with every other person in the group. You are free to join and leave at any time.

The Pact:
1. Love each person, place, idea, thing, etc. with all your strength, without judgment

2. Love everything so much, with such modesty, the undiscriminating attitude blossoms into passivity

3. Love even when it hurts to love, especially when things don't love you back

Follow these basic ideas and you are definitely one the path to purify your soul! Redface


Members of the Pure Alliance:



PM me and you are instantly in!

As stated above, there are no requirements, and no forms to fill out. You don't even have to talk to me if you are too shy! Just add "~pure alliance~" to your custom title or signature, and try to live the pure life! Also come to our meetings every Sunday, at 4pm EST.

I'd love to talk to you though and welcome you to the group :). Please PM me!

This is not a clan of any sorts, just a loose association of other people trying to purify their souls.

There is no judgment here, people from all walks of life are encouraged!

1. Follow the pact.
2. Maintain a clean appearance.
3. Avoid conflict when possible, and smile often. Never be aggressive.
4. Encourage others to PM you if they have problems. If someone has an issue you don't know how to deal with, forward it to me and I will help them!
5. Listen to the issues of others and offer impartial, benevolent advice.
6. Eat healthy and never do drugs.
7. The past is irrelevant to the present, so avoid blaming others or yourself for past mistakes. Do not hold any grudges.
8. Do not have premarital sex.
9. Do not set expectations or guidelines for others and dictate how they live. Enjoy the beauty of the world and do not base your happiness on things you cannot control. Recommendations are certainly welcomed (like this list), but to demand things from others is both impractical and unfair.
10. Act cute and do cute things to demonstrate your passivity. Use hastags ("#"), peace signs ("o/"), and of course the tilde ("~"). All demonstrate style and purity!
11. Be well cultured. Quote twee pop songs, novels from the 1800s, proverbs from Ancient Greece, anything!

These are not required but encouraged.

Oscar Wilde - Writer
Nick Drake - Musician
Diogenes - Philosopher


We meet every *TBD* in this blog. I post a topic and we have a discussion on it. We all drink healthy green tea and eat some vegetables. It's very fun!

Upcoming theme: TBD


Will be embellished when I get more time Smile


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