So I tried Yugioh yesterday

Yeah, you read that right.

This is my first blog entry here, hell it's my first blog in general. I've made posts on other forums that are like blogs considering their length and detail, but... yeah. I considered the level of personal detail and overall "I just want to tell people about this"-ness of this wall of text is why I determined it should be a blog rather than a topic somewhere. Given the result of my experience, I might just make this an ongoing series, detailing my experiences as a magic player going to the other side of the CCG spectrum...

Note: This entry has some footnotes, containing extra information I deemed necessary, but too long to just put in parentheses. Said information is in spoiler tags at the bottom. If this seems pointless, feel free to let me know and I'll either leave this sort of stuff out in the future, or just put it in parentheses. Also, which of these I should do would also be a nice thing to suggest if it makes a difference.

I guess I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Tyler. I'm 18, and I live in Springfield, Oregon. It's that slightly smaller town pretty much right next to Eugene, I happen to live pretty much right near the border and Springfield doesn't really have any magic shops so I regularly head into Eugene to play my magic. Also, I have no job (but I do have a GED) and live with my Father and brother. So I get to spend pretty much all the time I want playing magic, as well as practicing my favorite fighting game (Guilty Gear XX) for no real reason due to the lack of a competitive scene for it around here. Note my avatar. *

But enough of that. This blog is mainly about my experience with Yugioh that I had yesterday. (well, pretty much 2 days ago, given how late it is as I type this...)

Long story short, I was hanging out in the shop's back room after FNM *2 with a couple of YGO players who've started playing magic over the last few months (and not done all that badly at it I might add *3) and I got bored. Somehow I got it into my head that this would be a perfect time to learn the game *4 so I thought "what the hell, I'll give it a shot." So we had a short discussion in which they showed me the basics of the rules, and they happened to have a couple precons laying around, so we started dueling. *5

To my surprise, I won the first 3 games I played. We agreed that I had some pretty sick topdecks, but overall I caught on pretty quick. I myself was surprised to discover that the game was so easy to learn, especially considering my long career with magic, which is obviously a far more difficult game to learn, let alone get good at. I also discovered that it was pretty fun. One of the coolest aspects was not having to wait around playing lands and tap them for mana (wait, these amazing spells are FREE? Yeah, that was one of my reactions that night) and while I'm not all that fond of the combat system, it seems to make sense in a way, given how their game works...

So I also decided I wanted to give the tourney (which was starting in about 5 hours, their tourneys are conveniently held on Saturdays) a shot. It turned out the precons that we used were from the new set and were pretty strong, so we took the best cards and put a better version together. They, being good players, also had some extra good (I.E restricted) cards lying around that they let me use. *6 There was a "sneak peek" that day as well (I'm not sure if this was the equivalent of a magic prerelease or launch party) but it was sealed, they all got a promo for playing, and the finalists both received a special playmat. But being sealed, it was 20$ to enter, and I wasn't so sure about selling magic cards to play a YGO tourney, so I declined to play in that. I ended up sitting around, playing casual games to test my deck when I could, and chatting with my magic playing friends between rounds.

Eventually, it came time to start the normal tourney, which I was kind of excited to play. Surprisingly, I went 3-2, and missed top 8 on breakers. It seemed the people I talked to about it were impressed with my result (heck, the best player there said I played my deck really well)

Overall, I think I'm actually going to tune the deck a little more and play again next week. Of course, I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes... well, in the event that anyone reads this and/or responds to it of course.

And here's where I end this post... well, save for *7...

*: If you know of any GG players in my area that I could meet up with to play, or are one yourself and would like to play sometime, please let me know. It's depressing having no one to play with Frown

*2: The shop folks are chill with letting us stay there, because the back room is separate from the shop itself. They don't keep anything worth stealing back there except their backstock of magic commons and uncommons, and stuff for other games too perhaps, I wouldn't know about that. Those are kept in another room behind a locked door anyway.

*3: This however is not all that surprising, as these folks are among the top YGO players in the area, with regular high finishes in the weekly tourneys.

*4: I had already learned some things just from talking to them, and have had various conversations about it with them and other magic players who've played it. I've also been hanging with them for a while and we're pretty well acquainted. I wouldn't say they're really friends of mine as of yet, but I'd be a bit sad to see them absent from a tourney.

*5: I feel a great amount of pity for the players who have to put up with people making jokes about the anime all the time, especially considering that sort of stuff has not been funny for a long, long time.

6: I discovered that the YGO players around here are actually much more chill about letting eachother use cards than most magic players here are. Actually, they seem overall more considerate in general, at least to eachother. I never got any "outsider" treatment, let alone that kind of feeling at all, from any of them. Being used to the passive-aggressive ways of magic player cliques, I was shocked to see how nice they were to me.

*7: The footnotes, obviously. No really, it's over. You can respond now or go do something else or whatever...


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