the end of friends...

i posted some of this exchange on my last (non-rules) post's comments, but i want it all consolidated in one place for preservation.

friday around noon, i see my best friend posted on my wall... but before i see the wall post, i read this:
Quote from her FB status message »
Nothing is passive about my aggression- I don't allude to and whine about strife that I incite- and then act arrogantly indifferent, and yet somehow victimized. I wouldn't rather have cheerleaders than friends, or be liberal at all cost than intelligent. "The mediocre teacher tells. The great teacher inspires." "For the record" (my name) the ONLY thing you can surely teach is math. Lion den indeed, and I'm the Leo.

the "lion den" reference is from part of my quote on my profile about being careful when you step into the lion's den. bolding for emphasis is mine. i was rather upset that she used my name in her status.

FTR: i'm on the leo/virgo cusp (usually on the virgo side), she's barely a leo on the other side. also, she's a former english teacher. that part to keep in mind with her writing. at least i can perform my subject 100%.
Quote from her wall post »
You ain't heavy you're my brother, I still believe that you are. I will never forget how you stood up for me to my rotten mother. But the way you have handled this is unforgettable too.

when her mother decided to not attend her wedding reception (over an argument about input into the wedding and reception - they were married in vegas as an actual plan, then had the reception here three weeks later), i wrote an email to her mother, chastising her for not attending the reception and causing some family friends to also decide, last-minute, to not attend. one of those friends (!) emailed me a barely intelligible but angry retort, which i replied to (quite harshly) and BCC'ed to all relevant parties to inform them that i was not getting involved any further.

i only replied to the wall post with one of my own on her wall. one of my friends (ironically, the guy who wigged out about muslims weeks ago) attempted to defend me on her status, but she deleted all of his posts. someone else must have defended me, because she comments:
Quote from nice chick, eh? »
Again...deflect when you have nothing of substance to say. And somehow the deterioration of a personal friendship due to the aforementioned bull[crap] of said friend is still about Glenn Beck. [Moron]s. Get off his dick.

i hope that's not considered censor evasion. do find it funny that the french word for delay is censored, but dick isn't... Confused

anyway, my wall post:
Quote from my wall post »
all i can say is it took two to tango here. didn't much appreciate being called an ignorant fool for daring to disagreeing with glenn beck. i liked, too, how i was the inciter, and how suddenly i'm not qualified to discuss politics, even though i've been following since before i know you. and i am ALWAYS unforgettable...

this was around 2:45pm friday. after an hour and a half, i changed my status thusly:
Quote from god of cyanide... »
... says it's the weekend; it's time to forget about the craptasticness of this week's events and get this party started!!! straight up, get in his way and get peaced out...

of course, she has to make her point, so, half an hour later...
Quote from her comment to my wall post »
Again... deflect. This isn't about Glenn Beck. This is about you being an *******. Unless he made you do like a serial killer hearing messages from his dog or something.

I went on your page yesterday to write you about what happened with you and [my husband] and saw all of your latest postings. Your spite and immaturity and yes-- continued attempts to incite--[my husband] can't see it anymore, but I can.

How should I react?...

I can talk to anyone about anything-- it wasn't a competition for me but a conversation-- you took it to a level of being personal and started acting like a dick because you have no facts and refuse to see facts as they become apparent in the world.

I don't care how long you have followed politics. When you used to rant about Bush I listened and found it interesting. Where is the fervor now? Blatant **** is going on in the world and you refuse to see it, even [a friend of ours who is a libertarian] pointed that out yesterday.

"Facts are stubborn things."

and, the exchange begins:
Quote from my turn »
*yawn* i recall how this all started, i'm leaving it at this because i have places to go, and because i'm done with this fighting with my friends **** that i've been going through, not just with you, but with others of similar mind.

i posted a link that gave information that contradicted beck on [your husband]'s page. you reply with what amounted to "wake up and watch more glenn beck."

how should i have reacted to you? to [your husband]?...

i'm deflecting nothing, (her name). i'm tired of endless fighting over this with people who are supposed to be my friends, and i am certainly not going to stop posting my stories and videos and such because of it. you think i'm not paying attention, i think you're not paying attention.

who's right?

if it matters that much to you... well, i'd say you do the math, but...

peace, i'm out.

Quote from she"s gotta go on »
*yawn* No.... immaturity isn't fun.... I tried it.

Yeah "wake up." Are you that fragile that those words broke you?

WAKE UP! And read "Liberty and Tyranny" not written by Glenn Beck. I'm sure Levin doesn't know anything either. But you do. Caution: it's not for people interested in being followers. ...

When you grow a pair and a brain to match...... see ya then.

so, if you really know me, you'd expect this to be my reaction (FTR: i posted this nearly 24 hours later):
Quote from see ya later »
meh. don't wait up.

honestly, i think i'd have dealt with her more squarely had she not used my name in her status message.

one thing this has taught me is the power of facebook: people i know who have facebook are all like, "damn, what the hell was that just all about? it's sad that the two of you will stop being friends over politics."

yes, it is sad. it's ironic, her comment about the cheerleaders, as some people i consider good people and good friends are fairly staunch conservatives, who know when to agree to disagree, and never get personal or attack me.

yet, my best friend. wait... former best friend. it hurts... yet, it's oddly liberating at the same time.


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