The 2013 Optimal Multiplayer Cube - Conclusion

The Optimal Multiplayer Cube - 2013


  1. Introduction
  2. White
  3. Blue
  4. Black
  5. Red
  6. Green
  7. Gold
  8. Colourless
  9. Nonbasic Land
  10. Optimal Multiplayer Cube 2013
  11. Budget Version
  12. Legacy-Legal Version
  13. Conclusion


Okay, we have our final versions of the optimal Multiplayer Cube for 2013! Hope you enjoyed the ride!
Did I get things right? Disagree with some of the choices made? Let me know!
Did we get the archetypes right? What would you run?

All three of these cubes have been added to CubeTutor so that you can draft them:

Thanks for your votes and interest! Until the next Multiplayer Power Rankings!



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