Kitchen Table Pricewatch: Rise of the Eldrazi Post-Rotation

As per the previous posts, it's time to look at how the rotation of the sets in Standard has affected Rise of the Eldrazi for the local guy carding it up at home.

Previously: Zendikar, Worldwake

What's Not Dropping

Alas, the three Eldrazi musketeers are not going to drop. If anything, they're rising. Emrakul has gained traction as a Show and Tell target in Legacy, and all three are being used in Modern ramp decks. If any of the three is vulnerable to dropping anytime soon, it will be Kozilek (thanks to being printed shinily in From the Vault: Legends), but it hasn't affected its price yet.

Splinter Twin, Lighthouse Chronologist and Linvala, Keeper of Silence are holding their prices fairly well too.

What You Should Be Looking To Pick Up

Firstly, a couple of the big-name non-Eldrazi mythics in Rise are dropping significantly. While they're not yet down to the range where a casual guy can easily pick up a playset, they're certainly heading that way. Gideon Jura has been reprinted in M12, and is therefore far more available than he was. Even if he does turn up in some weird future Superfriends variant in Standard, he's still seeing his price drop - a copy will now set you back $15 in comparison to $35 as little as five months ago. The other big name is Vengevine, which is now under $10 a copy. A year ago it was $40, but it's almost seen its entire deck archetype rotate (Fauna Shaman was not reprinted in M12, and has gone along with Vengevine). Similarly, Kargan Dragonlord is now down to $7 a copy (from $17 at the beginning of the year).

A couple of Rise of the Eldrazi rares that have been high in the past are now coming down into the "buy a playset" price range, and should become casual staples. Awakening Zone has dropped to a little over $2 a copy, and Consuming Vapors is now a little over $1. Both are excellent in casual arenas.

Rise has some excellent $1 rares that can be built around or used heavily in casual environments. Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief, Sphinx-Bone Wand, Lord of Shatterskull Pass, Kor Spiritdancer, It That Betrays and Bear Umbra can all easily be built around for this price, giving some competitive casual decks for a low budget.

Finally, mention has to be made of some of the excellent commons and uncommons in this set. Only Inquisition of Kozilek is still at a silly price (over $3 a copy) - everything else is well and truly back within casual range. Wall of Omens is possibly one of the best walls ever printed at $1 a copy. Overgrown Battlement is one of the best mana-producing creatures printed in recent years. And the common and uncommon colourless Eldrazi are well worth the investment (Skittering Invasion is now less than 50c a copy, and Ulamog's Crusher is perhaps the biggest finisher available in the Pauper format).

Enjoy the lower prices and the new deck builds now at your fingertips!


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