Standard List (Zombie Tempo)

New deck! Yay, always a fun time to be playing Magic when you have new cards in a new meta.

Zombies BU tempo; I had one loss in a five round swiss and won with two percent in tie breaks.

I basically just took down the main board from Trey in the Zombie thread and did some things with the sideboard to fit my meta (and what I had).

Four Unsummons is not a joke. This card tore up decks that were looking to abuse Undying aggro. Obviously I already have Vapor Snags, but I remember reading somewhere (about Pyromancer Ascension decks) that the redundancy of Ponder and Preordain made the deck function very well; I thought I'd try it here, and I think it worked beautifully in the right match ups. In fact, I might have lost my last round because I didn't board them in.

The large choices in removal were important from time to time because I faced one deck that used some artifact dudes. Still deciding on the Gophers or the Doom Blades MB.

Reapers in the board! I like lords... also they beat the crap out of Undying guys. Five mana gets you a Doom Blade and a 2/2 Zombie! If they have Undying, then they paid to much for a bad creature!

Metamorph was to fight Swords... somehow? I copied a Feast and Famine one game with little success... still considering those.

Right off the bat I'm going to take out the Ratchet Bombs, no one plays WB tokens in my area. I'll probably fill that roll with some more dudes since I found myself wanting them in a few matches.

Very fun deck. I'll be playing it for quite awhile I hope.


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