Standard List (Jund Wolf Run)

The deck is pretty straight forward, you just play more stuff than they have answers for.

Certain threats are better against certain decks so you often need to lead appropriately. Against control I drop Primeval
Adding the 4 Blackcleave Cliffs to the board really changes the way the deck functions vs aggro. They speed up the deck and give my removal and Crusaders more consistency. I pull out 4 Forests which is obviously a problem for the Green focus, fortunately I'm also removing 8 mid-late game Green plays for 4 early game Black and 4 mid-late game Artifact plays. It smooths out the mana in either instance.

The reason I do not have Artifacts MB is because I feel I do really well without them in game one; when game two rolls around and I board them in, they will not have Artifact hate. This way I can keep them boarding every game and not be sure what my angle is.

I don't run Inkmoth Nexus, the deck's mana base cannot handle it. Naya can because they have an extra Dual Land (Razorverge Thicket).

Played a Standard last night with the list, went 6-0 against the 3 control decks I played and 0-2 against the one Elf Ball deck I wasn't prepared for (still a legit loss though).


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