My Susan Lucci Moment

Whew! I'm glad that's over, aren't you? I thought for sure that those awards would last longer than they should've. As Steven Colbert says, those awards (in his case the Oscars) can take 10 minutes of entertainment and conserve it over 3 hours.

So, I was happy to be nominated for three awards: Best Member, Sig of the Year, and FCC Player of the year.. and then lose.

Why was I happy to lose? Well because obviously the forum awards are heavily influenced by the invisible Gutter. And I've expressed anti-Gutter sentiments before.

Now before I get flamed by the Gutter to holy hell, let me just say that I have no problem with the Gutter in and of itself. It's when they decide to poke their nose into issues and groups of people that they know little to nothing about, I start to get a little irked.

Still, I'm not mad at you for voting who you wanted to vote for. The votes are over. No sense griping any more about that. But also consider that those of us OUT of the Gutter are allowed to vote in EVERY poll. So yes, people inexperienced in a format but friends with a nominee are welcome to vote for them. And I think they should be able to. Otherwise, the forum awards would be distributed to each moderator, who would strictly follow the posted votes, to see if that vote should count. But since the polls are real polls, in an open, public forum, people can vote in them however they like. This goes both ways, people.

That being said, they say the 'real honor' is just getting nominated. Well who's gonna remember but a few nominees from this award thing next year without diving into the old retired forum? My point exactly. It seems to me that everyone who's been nominated should get a silver trophy, saying just the category, like 'Best Member of the Year 2007', and the winner gets a gold one saying 'Best Member of the Year 2007 - Winner'

Something like that.

Enough of my ranting. The awards are done, we can stop slinging mud at each other. I'm done. munch


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