Have- SFM Stuff. Want- Monies or a couple Horizons cards

I have a bunch of SFM stuff, just below TCG low.

Willing to trade for Wrenn&Six, Sunbaked Canyons or Future Sight Tarmogoys (I have Masters set ones to trade back). Only if you have 15+ refs

You pay, I send. $3 shipping on orders under $100USD

I have 13 promo SFM for sale. $57 each.

12 regular, 55 each

2 Sword of Light and Shadow (Darksteel) 22 each

1 Sword of Feast and Famine 53

1 Promo Batterskull 33

2 Regular Batterskull 30 each

Cards for Sale

SFM cards, see above



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