Come Get Yo' Higgin's Boooooys! (and girls)

I used to go by The Juggernaut on here, but it's been some time. Guess I'm rebuilding lots of things nowadays. Currently I'm in Europe, but will be moving back to the US next month. If you want to trade, we can agree on a trade and wait, or do the overseas deal, whatever works for you. I just want to trade like the old days.

Asterisk means you'll be trading up to win that card. There's only three, everyone calm down.

Obviously my main wants are at the top, so if you want to make me feel pretty or make it necessary to grab a towel, go for those. I will not trade major cards for just a bunch of jank rares, but they throw-in nicely.

Old thread here, still have all the foils:



Rise of the Dark Realms x3
Leyline of the Void x3
Inquisition of Kozilek
Allosaurus Rider
Eternal Witness
Exquisite Blood x2
Patriarch's Bidding*
Launch the Fleet x2
Bear Umbra x2
Waterlogged Grove
Surrak Dragonclaw
Pharika, god of Affliction
Golgari Grave-Troll
Life from the Loam
Realms Uncharted
Patron of the Orochi
Necrotic Ooze
Grand Abolisher
Myojin of Night's Reach
Phage the Untouchable
Hand of the Praetors
Timber Protector
Demonic Hordes
Bridge from Below
Elvish Archdruid
Gilded Lotus
Consuming Aberration
Dauntless Dourbark
Nourishing Shoal x4
Nature's Will x3
Mana Echoes*
Coat of Arms x3
Kor Spiritdancer
Nomad Mythmaker
Deadeye Navigator
Reaper from the Abyss
Deity of Scars x2
Harvester of Souls x2
Hand of the Praetors
Nim Deathmantle
Secure the Wastes
Waste Not
Grave Betrayal
Temporal Trespass
Goblin Chieftain
Inexorable Tide
Sidisi, Brood Tyrant
Searing Blood
Dictate of Kruphix
Chancellor of the Annex
Myojin of Cleansing Fire
Eric, Spymaster of Trest
Life's Legacy
Whip of Erebos
Indomitable Ancients
Mistbind Clique

Everflowing Chalice
Eternal Witness
Lightning Helix
Drana's Emissary
Guttural Response
Shrine of Burning Rage x2

Guttural Response
Bruna, the Fading Light
Gisela, the Broken Blade
Teferi, Hero of Dominaria
Selvala, Heart of the Wilds
Shalai, Voice of Plenty
Vivien Reid
Will Kenrith
Growing Rites of Itlimoc
The Immortal Sun
Mu Yanling, Celestial Wind
Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer
Tamiyo, Field Researcher
Lyra Dawnbringer
Zacama, Primal Calamity
Sephara, Sky's Blade
Sarkhan, Dragonsoul
Razaketh, the Foulblooded
Unbound Flourishing
Trapjaw Tyrant
Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge
Journey to Eternity
Muldrotha, the Gravetide
Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle
Sword of Sinew and Steel
Sword of Truth and Justice
Yarok, the Desecrated
Westvale Abbey
Nicol Bolas, the Ravager
The Scorpion God
Vizier of the Menagerie
Starfield Mystic
Storrev, Devkarin Lich
Sigarda's Aid
Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim

As Foretold
Angrath, Minotaur Pirate
Gideon Blackblade
Gargos, Vicious Watcher
Vilis, Broker of Blood
Whiptongue Hydra
Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God
Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh
Drakuseth, Maw of Flames
Etali, Primal Storm
Rishkar, Peema Renegade
Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma
Azor's Gateway
Thing in the Ice
Silverclad Ferocidons
Ramos, Dragon Engine
Jaya Ballard
Shapers' Sanctuary

Chandra, Bold Pyromancer
Dovin Baan
Jace, Ingenious Mind-Mage
Liliana, Death Wielder
Liliana, Dreadhorde General
Ral, Caller of Storms
Samut, the Tested
Archfiend of Despair
Leovold, Emissary of Trest
Hydroid Krasis
Regal Behemoth
Shifting Ceratops
Vanquisher's Banner
Sram, Senior Edificer
Runic Armasaur $1
Vona, Butcher of Magan
Yennett, Cryptic Sovereign

Huatli, Radiant Champion
Jace, Unraveler of Secrets
Dragon's Hoard
Morophon, the Boundless
Rienne, Angel of Rebirth
Twilight Prophet
Soul-Scar Mage
Always Watching
Ajani, the Greathearted
Cultivator's Caravan
In Garruk's Wake
Valiant Knight
Zendikar Resurgent
Zetalpa, Primal Dawn

Impervious Greatwurm
Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord
Burn from Within
Demanding Dragon
Cruel Reality
Ugin, the Ineffable
Kindred Boon
Palladia-Mors, the Ruiner

Ajani, Wise Counselor
Jace, Arcane Strategist
Vraska, Regal Gorgon
Seraph of the Scales
Kess, Dissident Mage
Benalish Marshal
Samut, Voice of Dissent
Izzet Chemister
Emissary of Grudges

Nissa, Genesis Mage
Angrath, the Flame-Chained
Plague Engineer
Chandra, Flame's Fury
Niv-Mizzet, Parun
Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis
Vindictive Lich
Sanctum Seeker
Swiftblade Vindicator
Dead Man's Chest

Arlinn Kord
Icon of Ancestry
Aggressive Mammoth
Collective Effort
Selfless Squire

Teferi, Time Raveler
Sorin, Vampire Lord
Enchanter's Bane
Managorger Hydra
Mind's Dilation
Selvala's Stampede
Wasitora, Nekoru Queen
Bone Dragon
Aid From The Cowl
Dark Intimations
Deepfathom Skulker
Dowsing Dagger
Feather, the Redeemed
Hungering Hydra
Odric, Lunarch Marshal
Ravager Wurm
Tishana, Voice of Thunder
Ulvenwald Observer
Verity Circle
Wildfire Eternal

Gideon, Martial Paragon
Liliana, the Necromancer
Nahiri, the Harbinger
Tezzeret, Master of Metal
Collector Ouphe
Cordial Vampire
Ravos, Soultender
Omnath, Locus of the Roil



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