Want: Worn Out Ugly (im on a huge budget) Bitterblossom's

I am looking to buy 4 Bitterblossoms.

I was suggested by friends at my local playgroup (about 4 people that play magic, and most of the time we do it at burger king) to come here and see if I could find anyone willing to part with them.

I currently have $50.00. Exactly $50.00 and I would like to try and get a playset. I don't have a lot of cards that I can use for trading as I'm fairly new, so you can see where my problem is, and I live in a remote area. If you are able to help me out, PM me. All I have is Hopes and Dreams...
Per Market Street rules, there are to be no trading posts without a location provided. Once you've updated your profile to include your location, you may DM me to remove this text.



1x Three Dreams [Ravnica: City of Guilds]
1x Hope Charm [Visions]
4x Bitterblossom [Morningtide]



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